Saturday, April 12, 2014

South Africa, see you for a Travelife again next month

Night out in Macau last Thursday
for a Michelin-starred seven-course French dinner
and a really intriguing show
In a way, you could say that I spent the weekend in Manila just to meet our Travelife Magazine readers and friends, coming along with us on a Travelife to South Africa next month.

I flew in last night from Macau, you see, where I spent a few days eating delicious food, getting lots of massages, seeing a couple of interesting shows, and indulging in a bit of shopping.

I really enjoyed this short visit. 

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When I arrived in Manila, I ran straight into rush-hour traffic on the way home, forcing me to cancel my plans to follow to a seven-course degustation dinner somewhere in the city.

Then, in less than 48 hours, I'm back on a plane again, heading somewhere where it's 10 degrees right now, for a couple of days of castles, opera, art galleries, good food and spas.

My schedule doesn't at all let up after that, either. 


So in a way, tonight was the best time to meet everyone joining us in South Africa, to talk about Travel and Life, and this country and continent I like so much.

What a fun group it seems to be -- very much fitting the "typical" image of Travelife Magazine readers.

Our average active reader is interested in the world, adventurous, game for new experiences and hungry for culture, life and getting to know as many things as possible about this wonderful planet.


The Ambassador of South Africa, H.E. Agnes Nyamande-Pitso, and I, discussed South Africa with our 30 readers and friends tonight.

We talked about what to expect in South Africa over drinks and sushi.

It was lots of fun and a good omen of things to come.

I planned every single thing on this itinerary, and it includes many places and activities I love.

We're even doing a ghost tour somewhere, and a couple of fantastic weekend markets as soon as we arrive.


I can't wait, although I'll have to.

Next week I'm going to be walking the enchanting streets of Prague.

And then, by next weekend, I'll be enjoying moules in a white wine sauce in one of my favorite restaurants in Normandy, France.

Living a never-ending, and never-endingly eventful Travelife, of course.

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