Sunday, April 6, 2014

Great service onboard Malaysia Airlines from Manila to Mumbai via Kuala Lumpur

With all the unfortunate spotlight on Malaysia Airlines in the last few weeks, I thought I'd reprint here something positive about the airline, for a change.

The following are parts of a report that Travelife Magazine General Manager Gel Bayona and Travelife contributing photographer Joanne-Marie de la Rama (who shot our cover story on Taipei last year) sent me.

They'd gone on a business trip to Goa, India, you see, to attend a travel conference on behalf of Travelife Magazine.

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They flew from Manila to Mumbai via Kuala Lumpur, on Malaysia Airlines, and were all praises for the onboard service in business class.

This was just a few days ago, and straight into the aftermath of the most unfortunate incident of the missing Malaysia Airlines MH 370.


This was really quite a matter of serendipity.

After I assigned Gel and Joanne to travel to Goa for Travelife, I myself started thinking about which airline to book them on.

I've been to Mumbai several times, you see, and I know it pretty well, including the best routes to take. Usually, I fly in via Hong Kong or Bangkok.

But Malaysia Airlines had a good price and a convenient connection, so this is what we put them on, in the end. I myself had never taken this route to India before, so I was happy to learn that it was a pleasant series of flights and a relaxing experience.


Gel and Joanne wrote:

"Last April 1, 2014, we visited the beautiful province of Goa in India.

We flew in via Malaysia Airlines 777 from Manila to Kuala Lumpur and then from Kuala Lumpur to Mumbai.

It was a long day spent on a series of flights, but we were treated so well that we hardly noticed the time. The staff’s attentiveness, professionalism, and personalized treatment were wonderful.


Onboard, we were pampered with superb service and a wide array of both Malaysian and Indian cuisine.

We also enjoyed an extensive selection of wines and other beverages including our personal favorite, guava juice.

There was even a food cart consisting of all-you-could-eat lamb and chicken satay with peanut sauce and some vegetables on sticks.


Of course, we couldn’t resist watching a number of updated and classic movie collections.

in real-time via your phone or iPad

We enjoyed some good food, great movies, superb service, and a relaxing sleep on their state-of-the-art seating with varying reclining positions.

It was a very long flight from Manila to Mumbai, and then to Goa, but we enjoyed it immensely onboard the Malaysia Airlines 777."


  1. Great article on Malaysia Airlines. Please post more of these. I read the Travelife blog every single day.

  2. How interesting to have a satay buffet in Malaysia Airlines business class. I hope to try it one day.

  3. Hope Malaysia Airlines is able to recover its image after MH 370.

  4. As a Malaysian, it's nice to know that foreigners still like flying with Malaysia Airlines even after MH370.

  5. Thank you for writing something positive about Malaysia Airlines, our national carrier.

  6. Nice to read some good news for a change. I like the TraveLife blog very much. I always read it before I sleep.