Saturday, March 15, 2014

Dinner at the neighbor's house. And about Queen Victoria's self-centered relationship with her children.

Last night, my last in Tokyo before flying out, living a Travelife, I had dinner at my neighbor's house. She very kindly cooked an amazing dinner.

I wasn't planning to eat much last night, but I had second helpings of every single thing, so I suspect I ate a thousand extra calories.

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I dreaded to get on the scale this morning, after that very big and delicious dinner, which the wife made herself.

For appetizers, she cured some white fish the Japanese way, by wrapping sashimi slices in a seaweed called konbu overnight.

She also arranged sliced grapefruit and Japanese radish on a dish sprinkled with pink peppercorns.

So simple but so tasty.


For a main course, we had a huge piece of wagyu roast beef with three kinds of sauces.

I had so much of this.

And when she offered some hot white rice with pickles at the end -- Japanese-style -- I just had to have another slice of roast beef.


It's a bad omen of things to come, as well, since I'm flying out of Tokyo and next week, on my agenda is the dinner hosted by Enderun with chef Alain Ducasse as guest of honor.

Plus another gourmet tasting dinner somewhere in the city with a visiting celebrity Italian chef.


But back to my neighbor's dinner last night.

This couple who invited to dinner last night are still quite young.

But the husband is one of those fortunate people in the financial industry who made a fortune before he was 30 and then he decided to retire and simply manage his own money.

by clicking on the link below

Since then, all they do is divide their time between homes and vacations all over the world, doing what they please and when they please. No bosses, no deadlines, no offices to manage or to go to.

In Tokyo, they have a pretty plush life as they live in the best home on the block and drive pretty fancy cars. The husband just changed his Ferrari to a beautiful Aston Martin, and the wife has a new Porsche SUV.

Visiting them at home last night inspired me to do a general overhaul of my home.


But when I got home, the only thing I did was continue reading a very engrossing book I'd started on Britain's Queen Victoria and her children.

Queen Victoria was among the longest reigning monarchs in the world, and her reign placed an indelible mark on the world in terms of history, culture and traditions.

This is why the term "Victorian era" came about -- because she defined a whole period in the life of the Western world.

However, she was an incredibly inefficient and poor ruler, and a very self-centered person. Her self-centeredness dominated her relationship with her children, with rather tragic consequences for them all.

I read as much as I could, until about 4AM, but I was still far from the end.

This is a library book which I need to return in Tokyo. So it's just too bad I can't finish it before heading out of Tokyo, and onto the next chapter in my never-ending, and never-endingly eventful Travelife.

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