Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Art and tea at Arteastiq at the Mandarin on Orchard Road in Singapore

Just checked into this beautiful hotel in Singapore
for a weekend of fun and relaxation

Good afternoon from sunny Singapore, living a Travelife.

Yesterday morning, in the city for a few hours, I decided to head over to the Mandarin Gallery along Orchard Road and spend the morning painting over tea at the very stylish Arteastiq.


Arteastiq is a tea salon with a painting studio.

One room is ful of easels, paints and brushes.

The entire set up is very nice and conducive to painting, even just for fun. In fact, everyone who comes here does so just for fun. Arteastiq also has wonderful music playing -- the kind that just makes you want to paint.

Did I already mention that they have a great selection of teas as well?


I discovered Arteastiq on my last visit to Singapore, which was well over a year ago.

I met up with my old friend Triccie for dinner on my one free evening in the Lion City.

She asked me: "What do you want to eat?"

This is what I did yesterday...


There really is only one answer to this, when I am in Singapore.

I always want to have the best chicken rice in Singapore.

Now the location of the best chicken rice in Singapore is all relative.

Some people always go to the hawker stalls and they claim a particular hawker stall that they've discovered is the best.

Arteastiq is also a restaurant and tea salon


However, I personally need a little more ambience as I like to have chicken rice as part of a nice catch-up dinner with good friends.

So the place needs to be quiet, nice and clean.

And as far as chicken rice goes in Singapore, the most authentic and yet upmarket one is probably at the Mandarin along Orchard Road.

Of course, every luxury hotel in Singapore serves chicken rice, which is the favorite dish of almost every Singaporean.

But in terms of authenticity, it's probably the Mandarin on Orchard Road.

Read more about this 
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It's pricey as well, compared to the regular hawker stall chicken rice, which you can get for S$10 or under at a hawker stall.

Anyway, that's how I ended up at Marina Mandarin one night in Singapore.

And it was on our way down from the chicken rice restaurant that I discovered Arteastiq on the 4th floor of the same building, looking so interesting and inviting.

The next day, with a few hours to spare, I returned to try my hand at a bit of painting, on just one afternoon in Singapore not too long ago, living a Travelife.

And then again yesterday, in Singapore once more, living a never-ending, and never-endingly eventful Travelife.

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