Thursday, November 28, 2013

Party time in a Travelife tomorrow night

My belated birthday party, together with Mr. Jaded, is finally happening tomorrow night.

It took lots of long distance planning as I was away on a Travelife for the most part, on four safaris in Northern Cape, South Africa.

In fact, I was choosing the menu for the party while I was on board a private plane flying over the Kalahari Desert, in South Africa last weekend.

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And I practically got thrown off my seat twice as it was quite a bumpy flight with the desert winds -- except I didn't really notice as I was so busy emailing the caterer.

We were flying low enough to get a WiFi signal via a portable Internet router, and I was online.

But now it's 24 hours to go, and everything is set.


So many friends have confirmed that they are coming, and I'm really looking forward to a fun evening with about 250 guests of all ages.

Literally, all ages. I think we're going to span five generations tomorrow night.

We have a very cool DJ spinning music all night, too, and we're setting lounging chairs all over the garden for those who don't wish to dance.

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I just hope the fine weather holds out.

And what a surprise. But flowers have started arriving at the Travelife office and at my home, in advance of my party.

Thank you very much. You know who you all are....

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