Monday, November 11, 2013

11 courses in honor of an Israeli pianist at a beautiful house in Ayala Alabang

With the Ambassador and Madame of Israel,
and the Ambassador and Madame of the Netherlands.

For the second time in 48 hours, I found myself in a beautiful house in Ayala Alabang for dinner.

This time, it was at the kind invitation of Ambassador and Madame Menash Bar-On of Israel, in honor of Yossi Reshef, a famous pianist visiting from Israel.

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There were about 40 people for a formal 11-course sit-down dinner that was prepared and hosted by an Israeli businessman and his very creative wife.

The wife personally prepared every course at this truly delicious dinner for each of the 40 guests -- leaving us all quite astonished at how she managed this feat.


The house itself was quite a spectacle.

It had very unusual artworks everywhere, that I didn't know where to start looking, when I entered the house.

It was full of eye-catching pieces that were tastefully arranged so that there was not a boring corner or space in the house. And so many of the artworks were flowing, moving works so that the effect was quite psychedelic. 


Imagine walking into a house full of ticking and tocking artworks, and gallery-type pieces with tiny pieces in constant motion.

At one point, the Dinner Companion said to me: "Once we start drinking wine, we're going to start wondering whether the decor is really moving, or whether we're just tipsy."

I had to laugh and agree.

It was really a psychedelic, surreal experience to be the only stationary things in a house full of moving artworks.


The party itself was made up of close friends of the Israeli ambasador and his wife -- although I didn't really know who was going prior to the party.

In fact, the Dinner Companion, who doesn't really go to diplomatic functions, asked me on the way to Alabang whether he and I would actually know anyone at the party.

I'd said then: "I guess so."

I often go to these parties by myself, and I always find a couple of friends.

Tonight, it was so nice to see many good friends, making it a very relaxed and enjoyable party.


Meanwhile, the food was truly amazing.

Every single course was a work of art, and each dish was delicious.

The menu itself was a very long list of dishes and impressive ingredients.

When I'd first seen it, I have to admit that I didn't think the food would live up to its pedigree on paper.

It had so much stuff on it like Joselito ham, organic flowers, three different kinds of oranges, figs from all over the world, and even a ballotine of Alaskan king salmon and Chilean sea bass.

It was the kind of menu you see in a gastronomic restaurant run by a professional chef with a team of other chefs.

Well, I have to say that the food exceeded my expectations. Even the Dinner Companion was happy -- and it is usually so difficult to make him say dinner is good.

More on this amazing dinner in my next blog entry, on just another wonderful Monday evening in my never-ending, and never-endingly eventful Travelife.

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