Sunday, October 6, 2013

Wonderful tapas at the Mercado San Miguel in Madrid

One of the things I love doing in Madrid is discovering all the great foodie places.

On our very first day in Spain, hours after landing in Madrid's Barajas airport on a flight from Istanbul, we had an excellent roast lamb lunch at a very old restaurant that is precisely famous for its roast lamb


It's called the Posada de la Villa, and they have been doing roast lamb in this same very way for hundreds of years. 

Not only do they have an excellent roast lamb, but they also have a wonderful jamon of cured lamb meat. This was the only place we found on the trip that was serving cured lamb meat.

Boy, was that good.

Meanwhile, the roast lamb was the type that simply fell off the bone with a slight poke of the fork.

Afterwards, partly to burn all the calories, we walked quite a distance through some ancient neighborhoods and the Plaza Mayor to get to a lovely renovated food market.


It's quite upscale, and also quite touristy. But nevertheless, it was perfectly enjoyable and absolutely delicious.

Talk about food coma.

Each stall displayed their food stuffs so tantalizingly, that I wanted to sample everything in spite of just having had a major three–hour meal.


There was a great jamon store, and an ice cream stand with a line – so, of course, we just had to line up too.

When I finally tasted the ice cream, though, it was good but just a little too sweet for me.

I also loved the tapas stalls, with the most interesting tapas assortment around.


My favorite was a tapas stand serving nothing but tapas made with burrata. If you follow this blog, you'll know that the way to my heart is via a very fresh, excellent burrata

And make that two servings.

I'm not talking about burrata found in Asia, either. 

Lots of very good high-end restaurants in Asia do serve "fresh burrata" as a seasonal offering. What they mean here is that they have a shipment of burrata fresh off the airplane.


But the burrata I love is not fresh off the airplane, but fresh from the farm.

If you're an absolute purist, there's nowhere and no time else to get it but when you're in Italy.

As for me, I'll happily settle for fresh burrata in anywhere in southern Europe. 

The tapas made from burrata, sold at this food market in Madrid, were absolutely scrumptious. 

I could write poems about tapas burrata if I have time -- but, as you know, time is the one rare commodity in a never-ending, and never-endingly eventful Travelife.

So instead I'll end this with this funny snapshot I took, of a man askimg for tips in exchange for cold water. That's a pretty fair deal on a sunny Travelife sort of day in Madrid, I suppose....

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