Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Dinner with two guys tonight, and then two guys on the same plane with me next week

Tonight was a very pleasant evening spent having dinner with two guys I know pretty well, but who I don't meet up with often enough in a never–ending Travelife.

It began with a couple of text messages, and the happy realization that three of us were actually free for dinner tonight.

Actually, there were a couple of events happening in this city tonight. 


But after recovering from a cold over the weekend, all I really wanted tonight was to have a relaxing time

To just sit back, eat good food and be with a couple of guys who can talk about almost anything under the sun.

The three of us are a very unlikely combination, and we couldn't be more different. 

But we've been somewhere exotic together, and it's worked well enough to be truly enjoyable. 

So we've become good friends.


Tonight reminded me of the fun we once had, in a pretty far–out destination, talking for hours over meals. 

Or rather, laughing for hours over meals.

I think we covered everything from the ills of the Third World countries to the effects of childhood trauma on people. It was definitely a very wide assortment of topics tonight.


But while the topics could not be more varied, some coincidences were simply uncanny.

After comparing upcoming trips with one of the guys, it turns out we're actually going to be on the same flight out of Manila as well next week.

What are the chances of that happening?


So I'll have two friends with me in the same business class cabin when I fly out of Manila for Tanzania next week. 

To add to all the coincidences, these two friends on the same plane with me next week even went to the same graduate school abroad. 

They're neighbors as well in that same leafy neck of the woods – although I don't think they talk to each other much.

Never a dull moment in a never-ending Travelife

Even on a plane to the ends of the earth, for three safaris and a fabulous beach resort in Tanzania. As always, living a Travelife....


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