Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Bangkok, thrice this month on Thai Airways. Liverpool Football Club, looking forward to meeting you in three weeks.

Good evening from Bangkok airport. It's a long layover of several hours but I don't mind at all as there's so much to do.

I left on the afternoon flight of Thai Airways from Manila to Bangkok today. As usual, I was last on the plane in Manila and first one out in Bangkok.

This last-on-the-plane routine always gives my companions mild heart attacks, by the way. But I really need to keep working until the last minute of every trip, if I'm going to keep up a never-ending Travelife.

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In recent memory, there's really been only one person who's gotten me onboard a plane early.

I had to board planes early on our entire trip last year, which involved 6 commercial flights and 2 charter flights, as I'd left all the daily schedules to him. And since he'd had his way and he'd basically arranged all the transportation, we were always very early for every flight. 

The charter flights were all right as we were in a private hangar with Internet access, so I could've waited all day if needed. But it was a different story with the commercial flights.

I was so unused to waiting and not working, and I didn't know what to do with all this time sitting around waiting to board the plane but without lounge facilities or Internet access anymore (as we'd also left the lounge early, and were stuck by the gate) and then sitting in the aircraft, waiting for the plane to take off.


Onboard today's Thai Airways flight, I had a very nice lunch of smoked salmon as an appetizer and a main course of something called the Mindanao fish.

The dessert was excellent as well: pumpkin cheesecake with all the solid sweetness of pumpkin in it.

This was a really good dessert today, on board Thai Airways...

I thought I would go to sleep as I'd booked the first row of the plane and the seat next to me was empty, so I had total privacy, peace and quiet.

But instead I ended up watching a couple of British tv show episodes, including a hilarious one on a plain Jane sort of girl who was trying to get a boyfriend in time to bring as a date for a friend's birthday party.


A painting on the wall of the Thai Airways spa in Bangkok

When I got to Bangkok airport, the first thing I did was to head for the Thai Airways spa for first and business class passengers, for a really good foot massage and a cup of ginger tea.

I also like the healthy goodies they have at this spa, and I don't mind telling you that I always get a couple of these to bring with me in my bag for the rest of the trip.

The last time I was here was on my trip to Sri Lanka last February.

I'm seriously addicted to these crackers...

On the way out of the Thai Airways spa on that trip in February, I grabbed a handful of these truly delicious healthy crackers, which are only available at the spa, and they sure sustained me on those long drives around Sri Lanka.

Finally, with the most important business of the day finished (the all-essential foot massage), I headed to the Thai Airways lounge to get online and download and answer my emails.


The nice spread at the Thai Airways spa today...
Talk about serendipity.

There in my In Box was an invite to watch an invitational game of the Liverbool Football Club in Bangkok in a few weeks, as part of its Asian tour 2013, and to meet the players.

This literally just threw a monkey wrench into my meticulously laid out travel plans for this month.

I really want to go, though, even if this means I'll actually be in Bangkok thrice in the next three weeks -- and two other countries besides.


Yes, I'll be in Bangkok thrice plus two other countries all in the next three weeks. And somewhere in those three weeks, as well, I'm also climbing a mountain, bringing 20 people around a country, hosting two dinners in Manila, attending a concert, closing an issue of Travelife Magazine, and visiting an immigration office in a foreign country.

If you were gasping for breath reading that paragraph above, well, I was gasping for breath writing it. Now if only planning and writing this would help me burn a few calories as well...

My "home" for the next three weeks, at the rate I'm flying....

It's a schedule that's practically intense aerobics.

But how can I not take this interesting opportunity to meet the Liverpool Football Club? It's something new and so totally out of my usual Travelife, that I just have to do it.

Goodbye for now from another airport lounge, on the way to another exotic destination, on my never-ending, and never-endingly eventful Travelife.


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