Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Perfect weather, the fantastic Shangri-la Paris, and a great country hotel in France

Good evening from a really beautiful and peaceful place in the French countryside, living a Travelife.

The weather is simply perfect, and I'm sitting by the pool with a glass of red wine and my computer, just chilling out before a big dinner at a Michelin three-star restaurant.


It's almost so wonderful that I'm tempted to actually not write a blog entry for once and just sit here with my iPod, enjoying the best weather we've had so far since arriving in my favorite France.

But, then, discipline in my never-endingly eventful Travelife wins out in the end.

If I stopped blogging, the stories would just keep piling up.


This hotel we're staying at from today is world-famous for several things, by the way, and it's pretty amazing in a very low-key way -- all wood, old, and tasteful.

Nothing over-the-top, mind you.

But then we'd already had over-the-top amazing in Paris at the new Shangri-la Paris anyway, with the fantastic suite over two storeys, with a winding staircase, double exposures on perfect views of Paris, and a great terrace.

The Shangri-la Paris certainly is one great hotel, and it's most definitely the best new hotel in Paris in the last ten years. More on this later...


So the combination of the Shangri-la Paris and this hotel we're in tonight make for a very interesting and completely different set of experiences.

But both are so very lovely.

I don't know which I would choose, actually, if you asked me to pick a favorite.


In fact, the Travel Companion, who is very much into French wine, is quite impressed. He said almost immediately upon arrival: "This is pretty unreal."

It really is, even for been-there-and-done-everything kind of people like him.

Surreal, relaxing and incredibly nice. The perfect place to wind down after a couple of busy and never-endingly eventful Travelife sort of days that I still have to find time to sit down and write about.

Bye for now. A grand dinner and a famous chef await.


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