Thursday, June 6, 2013

Mr. Jaded hosts a dinner for the non-jaded in his house big enough for 500 people

So the other day, in Manila living a Travelife, my good friend Mr. Jaded decided to host a dinner at his lovely home in one of the city's best neighborhoods.

It's a very tasteful house that reminds me of something from the Pacific Northwest, with a bit of a contemporary museum feel thrown in.

He's just back from a Travelife, and here I am going on another one.

So we decided on a date for the dinner later this month in between my Travelife to France and my next Travelife to Sri Lanka.


I just love planning parties, and this is just the kind of dinner party I love organizing, by the way.

Mr. Jaded has offered his house and he's planning the dinner menu himself. But he's left the guest list to me.

Is this the most perfect arrangement in the world, or what?


Especially as Mr. Jaded has a pretty nice house.

He accompanied me to India, and we had a really fun time discovering many new and exotic places, and taking photographs. He also has good taste, so he's been my sounding board for shopping on several trips by now.

We also met lots of my friends and contacts over dinners and lunches in three cities in India.

Once, when the topic of lovely and extra-large houses in India came up, I actually nodded in the direction of Mr. Jaded seated next to me, and said to the person we were having dinner with: "He's got a very nice house, by the way. It can have 500 people for a sit-down dinner."


It's true.

That's my guess-timate for how many people can fit for a sit-down dinner at his home.  And this is just in the gardens, the terrace and the swimming pool area alone. Not even in the house proper.

But, just by reflex, Mr. Jaded corrected me quickly. He said: "No, it just seats 300."

He should know this better than me, of course, since it's his house and he hosts sit-down dinners there.

But you get the picture, I hope, of just what a swish sort of existence Mr. Jaded enjoys.


With his nice house that's even better than a hotel, and his constant travels, he's living his own never-endingly eventful Travelife.

And so I don't really know why he's so jaded, with so much luck and good fortune in life.

And I tease him endlessly about it. And, interestingly, one of his neighbors, who is also a good friend of mine, is exactly the same.

What's with that zip code? Or maybe it's the water?

But he does enjoy being jaded, in reality, although I try to make him see otherwise whenever I can.


For this dinner we're planning, I'm not taking up the spaces for 300 people in his house. I wish he'd let me as I would have a Travelife event there then -- and wouldn't that be fun?

But this is a more intimate dinner for about 12 persons.

And as of now, 24 hours after we'd decided on the general parameters for this dinner, I already asked 8 persons and they've all said yes.

Now I'm just thinking about 2 or 3 more.


And just for Mr. Jaded's sake, I've particularly chosen friends who are not jaded.

I hope some of their happy freshness will rub off on him over three hours of dinner. But knowing him, it's more likely to be the opposite way, as he's got quite an influencing force. Even without trying at all, for instance, I actually saw him charm three ladies in India.

As Mr. Jaded himself said to me this morning: "This will be a dinner for the soon-to-be jaded." He was chuckling as he said this.

Let's see who wins out in the end.

Mr. Jaded is determined to win more converts over to his cause.

But, personally, I think that the happy people on a never-ending, and never-endingly eventful Travelife will persuade any of the jaded guests at this dinner to see things the Travelife way.

As far as we're concerned, this world is really an amazing place with too many things to see and do, and way too little time.


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