Monday, June 3, 2013

Flamenco, a Spanish gastronomic feast at the Marriott, and bumping into a model after you've just finished a plate of paella

Tonight I was at the Marriott Hotel to watch a flamenco show and to enjoy some fine Spanish food courtesy of Chef Victor Burgos.

He flew all the way from Spain to wow local crowds with all kinds of culinary treats.

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What an enjoyable show this was.

It began with some songs. Then the flamenco dancers came on for a series of spirited and passionate dancing.


See the flag of Spain on top, in ice...

The food was wonderful as well.

There was an entire table full of buckets of olives straight from Spain, and a booth decorated by all kinds of ham hanging from the ceiling.

Meanwhile the paella was cooked in the largest pan I've ever seen.

It was very tasty as well. I broke my no-carbs vow to myself upon seeing this paella, and I enjoyed every mouthful of a plate.

With Chef Victor Burgos after the flamenco show

It's not really a big deal to eat a plate of paella every now and then, of course.

But it certainly becomes a slight concern, especially when you have a big lunch or dinner (or both) every single day of your never-endingly eventful Travelife.


Then I began to feel very sorry for myself and my broken diet, as I bumped into our current Travelife cover girl, Phoemela Baranda, at this same event, and she was looking simply slim and fantastic.

There's a lesson to be learned here: try not to indulge in paella if you know you're going to be bumping into one of the country's top models.

You're going to feel like you instantly gained 10 kilos.

Thank goodness I hadn't gotten to the churros and hot chocolate yet...

Gastronomia de Espana at the Marriott Hotel
June 6 - 30, 2013

Tel. (632) 988-9999


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