Thursday, June 6, 2013

A celebration for Italy's National Day, and so many good things happening today.

How nice to meet friends in the Peninsula Manila lobby,
on the way to the Italian National Day reception tonight.
With the Ambassador of Sri Lanka, Madame Diana Jean Lopez,
and Ambassador and Madame of Chile.

Today, in Manila living a never-endingly eventful Travelife, there were too many things to be happy about:

1)  A great Pilates session with Brenda Lim of UP Pilates, first thing in the morning. I ached everywhere afterwards, but it felt so good.

2)  Our waitlist reservation for dinner at one of France's best Michelin three-star restaurants was confirmed. In a very short stay in France, we're eating in five Michelin three-star restaurants and two very famous brasseries -- and everything's set for a food and wine holiday.

TRAVELIFE Magazine's June-July 2013 issue
On sale everywhere from June 15

3)  We sent the June-July issue of Travelife Magazine off to the press and it is a record-breaking whopper of an issue. Please make sure you get a copy at the bookstore from June 15.

Just couldn't resist getting my photo taken with the Italian National guards.
Just like everyone else tonight....

4)  I saw many friends at the Italian National Day reception this evening, in the ballroom of the Peninsula Manila.

After the Italian National Day reception, I had a wonderful dinner at Masseto with a friend. I ordered my usual fresh, handmade tagliolini with seafood, and we talked until close to midnight.

Every Sunday in the Business Mirror
5) Yesterday, the Business Mirror was chosen Newspaper of the Year.

We're so happy and proud to be part of this newspaper, appearing every Sunday in the Envoys & Expats section.


And perhaps, best of all, was a serendipitous meeting with two strangers at the Peninsula Manila.

One of them said to me: "You gave a speech at our club, and you wowed all of us. You didn't read from any notes, and we could really tell that you talked about travel from the heart."

Someone else said: "Travelife rocks our world. We're fans for life."

You can imagine how that made me smile.

So, as you can see, this was an extra special day, even in my never-ending, and never-endingly eventful Travelife.


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