Friday, May 3, 2013

Sisig, sinigang and a delicious buco pie from Salcedo Market for dinner tonight

Tonight I invited a couple I'm close to for dinner at home.

He's a pretty important ambassador in the Philippines, and she is quite an outspoken and down-to-earth ambassadorial spouse.

I'm actually supposed to be attending an event tonight, but yesterday I suddenly felt like staying home today after a hectic week full of events.

So yesterday I texted them and invited them over to my house for dinner tonight.

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We see each other quite a lot at functions.

But we also get together every now and then outside of these to have casual and relaxed dinners -- lots of them on the spur of the moment, when we find a free evening in our rather busy lives.


Ambassadors usually need to observe a lot of protocol.

However, at our dinners, it's often a no-holds-barred discussion on everything in life -- including Travel and Life, and everything in the Philippines.

They're quite relaxed with me because they both know I'm very good at keeping things to myself; and the main reason for this is the fact that I have no patience for gossip in my jampacked schedule.

My idea of a good time is to have dinner with a friend or a group of friends, and the discussion is not about other people's lives but our own.


Anyway, for dinner tonight, I decided to cook myself.

So I went to Salcedo Market early today -- the first time in a very long time -- and I bought rumps of roast pork.

I was still trying to decide on the menu and I was looking over these rumps of roast pork, you see, when a nice lady accompanied by her household staff suddenly addressed me.

She was standing next to me, waiting for her order.


She said: "If you're thinking of buying that, I have to tell you it's very good. We bought some last week and we stuck it in the freezer. Then we had it last night, refried in oil, and it was simply delicious. That's why I'm back."

Well, that was the only endorsement I needed to buy the last few pieces.
Then I had the sales boy chop up one piece so that I could make these into sisig later. Of course I bought a ton of onions, garlic and tomatoes to go with the sisig I was planning in my mind.

Then I bought ingredients for a sinigang soup with seafood and lots of vegetables, and some fresh shrimp to make into something I haven't quite decided yet.

I'm going to let inspiration take over when I'm in the kitchen later.


For dessert, I passed by a stand at Salcedo Market selling what they claimed was the most delicious buco pie in the world.

It has virtually no sugar, and it's topped with caramel for a twist. I had a sample and it was delicious in a very natural way. Not oversweet.

I bought one for dessert tonight, to end just another very pleasant evening in my never-ending, and never-endingly eventful Travelife.


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