Saturday, May 18, 2013

Getting thinner with the Victoria Beckham slimming tea at the TWG Tea Salon in Resorts World

Yesterday I had lunch at the TWG Tea Salon in Resorts World with an ambassador and his wife.

We spent approximately four hours having lunch and tea, and I still don't know how we sat at the table for so long.

We'd come at noon, and when we rose to leave, I think it was 430 PM.

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We all had dinners to attend to, and we were full from lunch

I said: "Uh-oh. Another meal in two-and-a-half hours..."

Fortunately, along with my TWG Tea salad and a plate of smoked salmon, I had a pot of the "Victoria Beckham tea." 

Lunch today included the TWG Tea Salad
and a bit of lamb from the ambassador's wife...

The tea is not really formally named after the Spice Girls' most famous member, but it's certainly become famous because of her.

Rumor has it that she buys this by the kilo in New York and drinks this instead of water.

Everyone surmises that this tea is behind her slimness.

When I told the ambassador and his wife this story, the wife said: "But she's already thin and she does so many other things, so it may not really be the tea that's doing this."

Who knows for sure?

But I certainly want to believe this, as this is what I usually order when I'm at TWG.

The "Victoria Beckham tea" is on the right

This tea has a very earthy taste, which is actually quite comforting.

Or maybe it's comforting because I feel like I can have three scoops of ice cream and then have the Victoria Beckham tea.

And everything will still be all right in my never-ending, and never-endingly eventful Travelife.


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