Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Chinese lunch at Jasmine, at the New World Hotel

With the chef of Jasmine at the New World Hotel
Yesterday, in between wrapping up our pretty amazing next issue, I went over to the New World Hotel to meet two ladies for lunch.

The New World Hotel's Jasmine restaurant is well-known for its good Chinese food; and although we only decided on the lunch venue at about 11 AM, I'd skipped breakfast and I had Chinese food on my mind for some reason.

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Just my luck that the two other ladies decided on Jasmine, as it's near my office and I've always liked it.

When I arrived, the two ladies had already ordered everything good for lunch.


Jasmine has a great all-you-can-order dimsum special right now which I had already mentally decided to have.

But when I sat down at the table, there were already about eight dishes including the house specialties and my favorite spinach seafood soup.

We had a very nice time catching up on industry news, especially as I get so few opportunities to do this these days.


Then, just as I was getting out of the New World Hotel, a BBM message came in from my prodigal friend, asking me about something completely out of my usually wide scope of knowledge.

He even sort of tasked me with some investigative work -- as if I had all the time in the world to do such things.

But, anyway, I decided to humor both of us and so I agreed to do it.

As efficiency is our middle name, within minutes, I'd actually sent him some photographs he wanted, not at all connected with my lunch but with something after that, all taken with my phone.

Of course, not without a couple of pointed remarks.

I was in the middle of wrapping up an issue, packing up to leave, and also finalizing a really detailed itinerary for a reader who wanted a bespoke luxury trip to South Africa. And then, this.


I sent him a message along with one of the photographs: "The things I do for you..."

In response, he asked me: "Isn't it cool, doing investigate work for me?"

I sighed.

But I decided to answer him with something I knew only he would get in flash.

I said: "It's called working for free. And I'm sure you have something to say about that..."

Equally quick, he shot back: "Oh yeah..."

No one else will probably get that private joke.

But I've decided to include it in today's entry anyway, to let you know how another afternoon went in my never-ending, and never-endingly eventful Travelife.

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