Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Never-ending luck with great hotels, good food and some shopping bargains

This was taken earlier, in another exotic city in India.

Good evening from the most comfortable bed in the world, somewhere in India, living a never-endingly eventful Travelife.

It's such a nice room and I have 6 different kinds of pillows to choose from. And I just found exactly the one I want.

Can't wait to hit the snooze button after I publish this entry.

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I'd really like to write more about this very nice hotel, and the great welcome we got tonight. What a nice team of people, from airport to check-in.


Some hotels really know how to get things like this right, and this hotel is one of them. There are so many lovely little details here that make you happy or make you smile.

I practically live in hotels so I can tell the difference in the tiniest details by now.


Cathay Pacific flies direct from Hong Kong 
to most major cities in India


In fact, almost the moment we checked in tonight, my friend said to me: "Let's not go sightseeing anymore tomorow. Let's just hang out at the hotel."

I was so tempted to say yes. There's even a massage chair in my living room, so, yes, hanging out is an option.

But we'd booked a car and a guide already, and the hotel had made reservations at a restaurant I wanted to eat in -- my last biryani before flying out of India. How could I miss that?

But this hotel is that comfortable, and the staff is great and friendly. More on our stay here when we check out...

The beauty of Gujarat


Actually, we've been very lucky with all our hotels on this trip.

We've stayed in four hotels so far. This is the last one before flying back to Hong Kong, unfortunately; and all of them have been wonderful experiences. I picked three out of the four, and they've been fantastic. Truly wonderful experiences.

When I go to a destination, I'm really OC about the hotels I stay in because they can make or break the whole destination experience, in my opinion. And the three hotels I chose have really enabled us to feel the best of the places we've visited.

Even my super jaded friend's impressed.

The beauty of Gujarat


I'll write more about these hotels very soon.

It's been a really hectic but fun schedule of sightseeing, good eating and shopping. And of photography.

We both like taking photos so it's been really enjoyable to see so many amazing scenes and to capture these with our cameras.  I realized how nice it is to visit a place for the first time together with someone who really is into photography as a hobby and a passion.

You notice things in a second that most people would ordinarily miss.

I've got one of these high-tech tiny Sony cameras, and I love it. I've been using it for almost a year now all over the world. But this guy's got two huge bazooka-type cameras that keep getting us stopped at airports. People keep thinking they're some kind of weapon because they really do look intimidating.

He's not really a pro photographer, by the way, although he takes beautiful photos. He's a a pretty big businessman and a figure in Manila's high society circuit. I keep seeing his photos in the society columns, in a tux for some charity dinner or exclusive ball. But he loves traveling and he loves photography, and he can basically leave on a trip whenever he wants. How convenient is that?

But we're on a plane pretty soon out of India.

Then I hope I'll have more time to blog about all the wonderful things in my never-ending, and never-endingly eventful Travelife.


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