Sunday, April 28, 2013

Lamb biryani at Persia Grill, and no more missed opportunities in a Travelife

Last night I had dinner with three friends at the new Persia Grill at the Fort.

We all wanted something casual, fun and delicious.

Plus, I'd been hankering for good lamb biryani for days now, and this was the perfect opportunity, in between my never-endingly eventful Travelife.

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Persia Grill's lamb biryani is different from the ones I had in India on my last trip.

But it's delicious as well, especially with their special biryani sauce and yoghurt, plus their homemade creamy garlic sauce and hot sauce.

A new dish at Persia Grill.
The dip is made of garlic and feta cheese.


We were supposed to be three friends at dinner last night.

But yesterday morning, at the Peninsula Manila, I'd bumped into a friend I'd been thinking of for weeks but who I'd been unable to see all this time because our schedules just hadn't matched.

We just happened to be in the same event -- and you'll be hearing more about this rather crazy event in a few days.

This tasted way better than it looks in this photograph.
It's chicken slow-cooked in fruits and herbs. 


Over the past weeks, I've been in Vietnam, India and Japan; and when I was actually in Manila, she had been away.

By coincidence, we saw each other at this event on Saturday morning, after such a long time. So we decided then and there to have tea and some food at the lobby of the Peninsula Manila after the event.

We had a great but short time catching up.

The Persian national dish


There's never much time for anything these days, so before saying goodbye, she said to me: "Just text me if you're suddenly free or if you want to do something. We live so near each other."

It was true.

We lived so close to each other that there's really no excuse not to meet up.

Delicious beef kebabs...

..served with diced grilled tomatoes and yoghurt.
Plus Persia Grill's secret sauce.

But you know how sometimes that five-minute distance is even longer than a 5000 kilometer distance?

That ocassionally happens to me. Sometimes I see friends in another country way more than I see people only a few blocks away.

I guess you take the distance for granted when you're so close by. But I've resolved to now avoid this when possible.


But I now realize that being so close by and not seeing each other enough is really a missed opportunity for friendship. And this term "missed opportunity" really provokes an allergic reaction in me, as I never want to miss any opportunities in my life.

So that same afternoon, after we'd caught up a bit at the Peninsula Manila, I sent this friend a text when I was back home: "What are you doing tonight? Join us if you're free?"

I was having dinner with these two guys at Persia Grill, and I knew they'd be happy for her to join.

It ended up being such an enjoyable and delicious evening in Manila, living a never-ending, and never-endingly eventful Travelife.


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