Monday, March 11, 2013

The opening of Solaire and good food on Philippine Airlines yesterday

When I got back to Manila last night, after a long weekend in Vietnam, living a Travelife, a pretty golden box awaited me at home.

At first I thought someone had sent me a box of chocolates. It does look like the kind of box people use for gifts of chocolates, especially at Christmas.

I said to myself: "Great. Just what I need after a long and fun weekend of constant eating in Ho Chi Minh."

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I was planning to be very good while in Vietnam.

I wanted to continue this semi-detox program I'd casually started while traveling elsewhere; and I hadn't any worries about keeping to it in Vietnam, as Vietnamese food is generally healthy.

Famous last words. Or more appropriately, famous last thoughts.

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What I hadn't counted on in Vietnam was everything being so good, beginning from the very first meal of the trip: lunch on board Philippine Airlines from Manila to Ho Chi Minh.

I had an excellent chicken inasal with all the appropriate trimmings, and the best chocolate ganache dessert I've had in a long time.

Chicken inasal on the PAL flight to Ho Chi Minh last Friday

The chocolate ganache was so good that I actually asked for a second serving. Thank goodness the staff assigned to PAL's business class section on Friday were all so nice.

We had two servings of this wonderful chocolate ganache

Anyway, fast forward to last night and the golden box sitting on top of a table in my home.


The fancy invitation to the opening of Solaire

When I opened it, the golden box turned out to be an invitation to the formal opening of Solaire.

A couple of luxury hotels have opened recently, and all the invitations have been very interesting and well-thought out. This lovely gold invitation from Solaire was no exception.

And, of course, with such a beautifully-wrapped invite from Enrique Razon, how can I not go?


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