Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Everyone's headed for India...

Hello from the Cathay Pacific lounge in Manila, waiting for the flight to Hong Kong, and then onwards to India.

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This may be because it's the start of the Holy Week holidays; but the lounge is full and we're bumping into lots of people we know.

So far I've met two groups of people at the lounge, and another two groups just walking from the lounge to the airport store to buy a small bottle of alcohol for India.

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When we mentioned to friends at the lounge that we were headed for India, people seemed to say the same thing: "Everyone seems headed for India right now."

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Then automatically, names of common friends were rattled off, and it did seem like everyone is in India. Or at least a lot of people are headed the same way.

But, they're headed for the famous areas of India like Delhi or Jaipur.


Cathay Pacific flies direct from Hong Kong 
to most major cities in India


Meanwhile, we're going just a little bit off the beaten track, but certainly not off the luxurious track. At least not when my Travelife is involved.

Still have to wind down as it's been a very busy few days, but I hope to do so pretty soon, beginning with a nice meal, a movie and a good sleep somewhere on the way to India.

Bye for now.


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