Saturday, March 16, 2013

Everyone was at the grand opening of Solaire today

In Manila, living a Travelife, I just came back from the grand opening of Solaire Resort & Casino.

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To quote someone I saw at this massive event today, "everyone who is anyone is here today."

The Solaire launch was attended by President Aquino and his cabinet, politicians, tycoons, and just about everyone from all fields of influence.

 I saw people from school who had become famous politicians, who I hadn't even seen since college days.

This steakhouse is where President Aquino had lunch after the Solaire launch proper

The Solaire launch event started with cocktails at 1230 pm.

The launch proper was at about 2 pm.

Game changer Ricky Razon spoke eloquently and inspiringly about his vision for Solaire, and President Aquino also made a speech. This was when it became apparent to me just how much money Solaire has been pumping and is going to pump into the Philippine economy.

Yes, it's a real game changer.

After that, it was free for all.

There were so many people and it was a massive venue; and a pretty impressive launch, even for a never-endingly eventful Travelife.

Someone checking in at Solaire on Day 1

Now I have 10 minutes to get into a long gown for a Shakespeare-themed formal degustation dinner coming up in 30 I'll have to write more about the grand opening of Solaire later.

Even the seafood at Solaire was a "game changer"...

The crabs on display at Solaire's Japanese restaurant


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