Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A Travelife to Beijing and the "Travelife pose"

Living the TRAVELIFE in Beijing
So there I was yesterday afternoon, on my computer working on a Travelife rather than living a Travelife, and certainly trying to finish a lot of things before heading out for the evening.

I was having drinks at the Peninsula Manila with a friend visiting from Hong Kong for the Euromoney conference.

The Sofitel's grand welcome and goodbye party

And then I was due at the grand party Sofitel Manila was throwing for its new GM Adam Laker, and for its old GM Goran Aleks.

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Then a message popped up on my computer. I'd been tagged by an old friend I hadn't seen in ages.


Living the TRAVELIFE in Beijing
He'd tagged me in a photo of himself and his friends on holiday in Beijing, living a Travelife of their own. And the message read: "This one's for you. We call it the "Travelife pose."

I laughed so much -- tickled pink is probably the more accurate description -- when I saw this photograph. It was so very Travelife.

In fact, it was better than a Travelife Magazine trip photo. Gosh, we've got competition now.

Anyway, these two Beijing photos, with the "Travelife pose," so made my day.


Living the TRAVELIFE at the Peninsula New Year's Eve Pink Diamond Ball
with the Peninsula Manila management team.

The Beijing photos are such beautiful photos of a group of very happy people on a trip, enjoying themselves and discovering a lot about a different culture.

In the process, they've probably discovered a lot about themselves and their companions, and had days and days of a never-endingly eventful Travelife.

Just like us.

Living the TRAVELIFE on top of Table Mountain, South Africa,
with a picnic basket from the Mount Nelson Hotel

I took this photo with a point-and-shoot, sans filters, and I'm so proud of it...
check out our truly amazing Cape Town special in this current issue of Travelife.  


Happiness. Discovery. Adventure. Culture. Self-realization. Flexibility. Adaptability. Tolerance. Energy.

All these form part of the Travelife philosophy.

Living the TRAVELIFE in Prague
Travelife Magazine cover shoot trip last year.

Prague makes it to our cover for this issue.
Get your copy at the bookstore asap.

Oh, yes, and of course, a bit of shopping whenever we can fit this in.

Living the TRAVELIFE in Cape Town.
The first proper holiday I'd had in a while...

These Beijing photos certainly captured the moment and the essence of a Travelife perfectly.

Thank you to these guys for sharing such wonderful photos of their own never-endingly eventful Travelife.

Kind of got me inspired to get on with the rest of my own Travelife.

Living the TRAVELIFE in Colombo

The Travelife trip to Sri Lanka, Feb 5-11, 2013.

Don't miss our next one to Sri Lanka, July 6-13, 2013.

India, here we come...and, boy, what an amazing Travelife this is going to be.

We've been able to put together a simply fantastic itinerary.

Meeting the city's best fashion designer, a private tour with a palace historian, a few days of R&R at one of the greatest hotels in the world, among other things, living a never-endingly eventful Travelife.

So I can't wait to get on that Cathay Pacific plane to XXX. Soon, soon, soon. Read about it here...

Photos from Beijing courtesy of Carlo Dumlao


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