Thursday, March 7, 2013

6 Kir Royales, a great party at the Peninsula Manila and a lovely concert at the French Ambassador's home

A warm welcome by the Peninsula Manila

Tonight was one of those 360-degree nights.

I don’t do these kinds of evenings too much anymore, preferring to stick to one event and spend time with people I really like.

But today, I just couldn’t help it. I wanted to go to two events, and spend as much time as possible in both. Especially after being away for so long, and then jumping on another plane tomorrow.

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Then, of course, I also had to pack for my weekend of fun and culture in Vietnam.

And do some work. I do have this blog to write, practically everyday at midnight.


GM Sonja Vodusek making a speech for Peninsula Moments

So just after 6 PM, wearing a one-shoulder dress I’d bought in Sri Lanka (I am so glad I bought this dress, by the way...), I arrived at the Peninsula Manila for their very chic launch party for Peninsula Moments by the swimming pool.

It was a summery event on a most perfect evening; and after being away so long, I was so happy to see so many friends around. It sure is nice to be home, I felt.


At the French Ambassador's home,
with the Ambassador of France and the Ambassador of the European Union,
and the president of the French Chamber of Commerce

Midway, I sneaked out to go over to Forbes Park and attend the Francophile concert hosted by the French ambassador at his lovely residence.

This was a party he hosted together with the Ambassadors of Canada, Switzerland and Belgium.

The chanteuse Mouron, with the Ambassador of France
listening right by the stage...

Mouron, a charming lady with a very sultry voice, enchanted the audience of mainly French speakers and lovers of French culture, with songs of love a la Edith Piaf.

It was truly enjoyable, standing next to the Ambassadors of Switzerland and Canada, in the terrace of the French ambassador’s house, listening to such beautiful music.


When the concert ended, I said hello to everyone and then I did a 360 and headed back to Peninsula to rejoin the party.

Back to the Peninsula to rejoin the party....

The party was still going strong when I returned.

Then, just as I was about to join GM Sonja Vodusek and her friends for a late supper in the lobby, I ended up meeting a guy with a larger-than-life life and a really big dream.

In fact, his dream was so big that I ended up sitting down with him for quite a while by the pool, listening to his gigantic plans.

He was drinking a whisky, and I was having nothing, as I was on my way out to the lobby when we were introduced by a mutual friend. Then he ended up telling me his story and I ended up staying longer than I planned.

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When the waiter came around, this guy basically ordered me a drink.

I've never had a guy I didn't know order me a drink just like that before, by the way. He didn't even ask me what I wanted. He just took charge.

He ordered me a lychee margarita without even glancing in my direction for any kind of confirmation from moi -- just like that.

I have some friends who ocassionally dare do that, but they usually know me pretty well. One friend can glance at a menu, for example, and he knows exactly what I'm going to order from the choices.

But I didn't even know the first name of this guy yet, at that point, and this made it rather amusing. So so I let him continue. I said, almost with an air of resignation: "You seem to be so sure of what I want anyway."

Then the waiter came back and told us that they didn't have the lychee margarita on the menu.

The guy said to the waiter: "What do you have, then?"

The waiter gave us a rundown, and it included Kir Royale. The Kir Royale sounded good to me, so this time I decided to take matters in my own hands and actually order my own drink.


That's 6 drinks for just 2 of us....

And even that, he topped. Perhaps he just needs to show off. He told the waiter: "Bring us two of those."

I smiled at him and said: "Good. I'd prefer not to drink one of those on my own."

That probably fueled the fire. Because next he told the waiter: "Actually, bring us four of those."

Then he changed his mind again, after a few seconds, and said: "No. Bring us six glasses. It's going to be a long night..."

I didn't think the waiter would take him seriously. We were asking him to bring us six glasses of Kir Royale all at the same time, after all. And we were just two people sitting by the pool.

But, what do you know? The waiter actually returned with a tray full of drinks for two of us.

And now I even have a photo to prove this story wasn't an exaggeration of my never-ending, and never-endingly eventful Travelife.


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