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Travelife Magazine's Fantastic February-March 2013 Issue: Everything you need to know about Prague and the Czech Republic

Living the Travelife in Prague

Every issue of Travelife Magazine is an enjoyable labor of love, but more so this particular issue (Travelife Magazine, February - March 2013) on great food and the good life.

This is an intensely personal issue.

I was involved in the actual cover shoot in the Czech Republic and also in our record-breaking 28-page special supplement on the best of Cape Town.

More on our world-class Cape Town special in an upcoming blog entry.

TRAVELIFE with us to Prague via our February - March 2013 issue.
Read about our adventures, see our photos, enjoy our stories.
Live the Travelife.

I really enjoyed producing these two specials. These were simply amazing trips in terms of the overall experience. It helped that the destinations themselves didn't need any glossing over.

The company on both trips wasn't bad either.


For the cover shoot, the Travelife team flew to fairytale Prague for a cross-country adventure.

We spent two weeks learning about the Czech Republic, a country that has been off many people’s travel radar because so little is known about it.

We literally drove through most of it in an effort to cross a few more things off our bucket lists.

Andrew Masigan, a member of Travelife’s board of advisors and incidentally our cover model for this issue, his wife Sandee, and I, visited eight UNESCO World Heritage towns and cities.

What an adventure we had.

We feasted almost endlessly on beef stew and dumplings, drank close to a hundred bottles of beer, and even stayed in a hotel with medieval origins and a resident ghost.

The haunted hotel certainly made for lots of long dinner conversations -- and most of them at my expense.


TRAVELIFE with us to Prague via our February - March 2013 issue.
Read about our adventures, see our photos, enjoy our stories.
Live the Travelife.

What a memorable Travelife this was, even in a never-endingly eventful one.

It was done the Travelife way, so of course it was almost perfect. Even the weather and the exchange rate cooperated nicely.

I hope it shows just how much fun we had, in the beautiful feature on the Czech Republic in this issue.

These Korean girls looked very normal when they asked me to take their photo.
As soon as I took their camera, they quickly put on these matching jackets
and jumped onto the ledge to do this funny pose.
I burst out laughing. Of course I had to take their photo with my camera too.

We give you the best of Prague, a fairytale city for romance and adventure, and list down the UNESCO World Heritage sites that should be at the top of your bucket list.

Don't leave home without a copy of this fantastic issue.

On sale everywhere now. While supply lasts. We have a feeling this issue is going to sell out soon.


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