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The delicious and healthy food of Sri Lanka

This was a typical meal for me in Sri Lanka.
Very hard-core stuff. 

It amused some of my companions on this last trip, no end.

Recently, I've been taking lots of photos of the food I eat on each Travelife.

I find that these become an interesting reminder of my trip, and the memories of the tastes and sensations of a particular dish can easily transport me back to that very day or destination.

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Every Travelife is wonderful, but there are just some trips I really wish I could do all over again. Especially when I see the photos. And even in a never-endingly eventful Travelife.

Last night, for instance, I was looking at photos of one particular trip, and it made me positively nostalgic.


Another restaurant, another day, but almost the same food on the plate.
I'm not kidding when I write that I ate almost the same thing everyday.

For now, let me share with you some of the delicious food I had recently on a Travelife to Sri Lanka just last week.

I thnk I ate local the entire trip, just to take advantage of where I was, because it's virtually impossible to have authentic Sri Lankan food in most countries.

Still another restaurant, another day, but almost the same food on the plate.
I'm not kidding when I write that I ate almost the same thing everyday.

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In Manila, for example, the only place to have it is at the home of the Ambassador of Sri Lanka, when he is kind enough to invite.

Some of the Travelife group at the home of the Ambassador of Sri Lanka
just before departing for Colombo

Meanwhile, in Tokyo, there are actually a handful of Sri Lankan restaurants.

Of course, Tokyo literally has everything from around the world. However, I've never gotten around to trying them as I'm assuming they're going to be more commercial than authentic.


A typical breakfast for me in Sri Lanka
was dal curry with coconut condiments, green vegetable soup, and fresh fruits.

So when I'm in Sri Lanka, I usually eat only local food.

Another upside to going local is that it's very hard for any restaurant in Sri Lanka to get local food wrong; whereas it's a 50-50 thing if you decide to order a pasta or a steak, for instance.

On my very first trip, I remember how five guys and I went to one of the classiest restaurants on the island. We were having a late lunch and we were positively famished.

As usual, I ordered a medley of curries with rice and condiments, and these turned out fine.


Meanwhile, the guys all ordered the hamburger steak, which was incidentally the most expensive thing on the lunch menu.

It was very funny that none of these five guys could finish their pricey burgers as these all tasted just a level above cardboard.

Perhaps the chef was on his day off.

The one time I had Western-style cake was in Colombo on the last day.
I had a double chocolate cheesecake and a passionfruit cheesecake.
Both were absolutely delicious.


Still another upside to going local is that it's healthier and great for a detox from the usual food of the Western world.

I usually have dal curry for every meal, and I load up on salads and vegetable dishes.

Sri Lankans are big on vegetable dishes and the very good restaurants serve them in very delicious and creative ways, although be prepared for the chillies.

There's certainly no guilt in overloading the plate here, living a never-ending, and never-endingly eventful Travelife.


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