Monday, February 18, 2013

A day at the Mandarin Oriental Bangkok Spa

In Bangkok two weeks ago, living a Travelife, I booked myself for a day of treatments at the Mandarin Oriental's world-famous spa.

Spending time at the Mandarin Oriental's spa is a hard habit to break.

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Whenever I'm in Bangkok with enough time, I make sure I book a spa package here as something of a special treat for myself.


Consistently voted among the best spas in the world, The Oriental Spa is located across the river from the hotel proper, in a charming old house behind the hotel's Thai restaurant and Thai cooking school.

For me, simply taking the boat across the river is the start of the wind-down and relaxation process that culminates at the spa.

It's literally like leaving the real world behind.

I was served this snack in between treatments


Each time I visit The Oriental Spa, I try all kinds of treatments.

Wherever I am in the world, I tend to go for the local or original treatments that are only possible to experience in that destination.

What's the use of booking a Swedish massage, when this is easily available anywhere and everywhere in the world, after all?


So, for this visit, I chose a spa package called The Perfect Day, simply because it looked intriguing, comprehensive and just totally luxurious. Perfect before my late-night flight to Colombo, I thought.

The Perfect Day package took all of five hours and 30 minutes.

This is what it included:

- A 30-minute body scrub
- A 60-minute body wrap
- A 90-minute massage
- A 90-minute intensive collagen facial

Plus a spa snack and a spa lunch somewhere in between.

The treatments were downright blissful.

The massage and facial were especially relaxing and it wasn't long before I actually fell asleep. When I woke up, I felt wonderful and ready for a week of traveling around Sri Lanka on a rather hectic schedule, living a Travelife.


This was my spa lunch at the Mandarin Oriental Bangkok

This package included a snack and lunch as it was a long set of treatments.

Frankly, even if this was The Oriental we're talking about, I still wasn't expecting much from a spa lunch. I thought I'd take a few bites and then head out to the other side of the river for real nourishment via a proper afternoon tea.

Wow, was I wrong.


My spa lunch was served in a private room with lots of magazines and a very comfortable sofa.

I had a choice for each course, and I ordered a grapefruit salad, a green curry and coconut juice with Thai condiments for dessert.

A very refreshing Thai grapefruit salad

A spa green curry with brown rice doesn't exactly sound very appetizing when you're surrounded by so many great options for real green curry in Bangkok, right?

Spa green curry with brown rice

Well, I ate every single bit of my food. It was so good, and it had the added bonus of being healthier for me than the regular curry.

A light and healthy dessert to end my spa lunch


Afterwards, I met up with my travel companion for afternoon tea in the beautiful lobby of The Oriental, which was full of very stylish people.

The lobby of the Mandarin Oriental Bangkok

I was so glad we'd decided to meet up here as I hadn't been to The Oriental in a while and I'd actually forgotten how beautiful this lobby can be, with its tall ceilings and its simply beautiful and ornate decor.


Unfortunately, we couldn't linger over tea in the manner that this lovely place deserved. I literally had a boat, a car and a plane to catch -- in that order.

The boat of The Siam was picking us up from The Oriental's private pier at 530 PM to head back to The Siam, where my trusted butler Jill had packed my bags while I was having a massage; and then a car was taking me to the airport at 7 PM.

That's my butler Jill and the staff of The Siam
waiting for the arrival of my boat from The Oriental

Thai Airways was scheduled to depart from Bangkok for Colombo at 10 PM.

If I made my boat, car and plane with no hitches, it was onwards  to Sri Lanka for another adventure in my never-ending, and never-endingly eventful Travelife.


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