Sunday, January 20, 2013

Planning a Travelife 2013, and getting all pysched up for Sri Lanka

On Friday afternoon, in Manila living a Travelife, I spent a couple of hours planning my life for 2013.

Lots of trips have been on my desk or In Box, waiting to be penciled in; and today, I finally opened my calendar and Excel spreadsheet and tried my best to create my Travelife for the year.

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It's amazing how we're only in the first three weeks of 2013 and there I was, emailing hotel reservations and confirmations halfway around the world, for as far in advance as October and November 2013.

That's the practically the end of the year -- so I have a feeling 2013 is going to go by incredibly fast.


The problem is, I need to pin down certain major trips, events and activities in the next 12 months, just so I know how much more time I have left to spare this year for other things. And nothing else could get planned until I blocked off certain dates in the year.

If that sounds like a complicated Travelife, well, it sort of really is.


I'm staying put for most of January and trying to get as much work done as possible, because my never-endingly eventful Travelife starts on exactly February 2 with a mini-trip before my real trip.

I'm on my way to Sri Lanka around then, you see, and I thought I'd pass by another city and check a couple of things off my bucket list again along the way.


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I'm really looking forward to Sri Lanka, by the way, now that I've gotten other trips out of the way. It looks like such a nice and fun group of people going -- about half of them are friends, not a few of them are repeat Travelifers from our trips to Turkey, and a lot of them are travel companions from previous trips.

PS: If you still want to join us for the Travelife trip to Sri Lanka from February 5 to 11, please contact Meg at 8138400/ 8922620. The group's all finalized and everyone has their tickets and visas, but we can always see if there are still places to be had.


Yes, it must be fun being on a Travelife, as lots of people I've traveled with to places as disparate as Hokkaido, Istanbul, the Czech Republic and even Sri Lanka (yes, Sri Lanka twice in a row! I'm so glad you've signed up. You know who you are...) are coming along on our Travelife to Sri Lanka next month.


To show my appreciation to everyone, I went the extra mile to make sure everyone will enjoy.

First, I've asked the Ambassador of Sri Lanka to host everyone at a get-together in his home prior to departure, so that everyone can get better acquainted. 90% of them know each other or know of each other in this little town, so it won't be too hard to become better friends.

Then I've just finished making sure that the hotels we're staying at are going to give us good rooms. We're already staying in some of the country's best hotels; but you know us at Travelife, we always want the best of the best.


Then, in cooperation with the Ambassador of Sri Lanka, we've arranged dinner and complimentary rooms at a beach resort near the airport.

Our flight back to Manila is at midnight, you see, as all the flights departing Colombo leave at this time. Ordinarily, this means a long wait from check-out time at the hotel to actual departure.

But I've arranged instead for an afternoon of shopping, and then dinner and fresh-up at this beach resort so that everyone doesn't have to wait around at the airport, tired and hungry.

That's a Travelife for you, by the way. Never just like everyone else.


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