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Best of a Travelife 2012: The most creative pick-up line yet

Reflecting at the start of 2013 on the wonderful TRAVELIFE that was in 2012this is part of a series of blog entries that looks at the best aspects of our never-ending, and never-endingly eventful travels

This year was so full of indescribable and inspiring experiences -- and we're certainly looking forward to an even more wonderful Travelife in 2013

A blessed New Year to everyone
from all of us at Travelife Magazine.

We wish you a year of happiness
and an amazing Travelife.


On the last night of the Travelife team in Kota Kinabalu last May, we were sitting around shooting the breeze after dinner by the beach at the lovely Shangri-la Rasa Ria hotel. Work was basically done for the trip and so we started talking about personal and non-travel things.

We do this a lot but usually I just listen and laugh as I'm a pretty private person. Yup, I write about a Travelife a lot in this blog, but what you read here is for public consumption; the really private stuff doesn't usually make it to these pages without very good reason.

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When I'm on a Travelife team trip, I also usually don’t do much of the talking about stuff like life and love because my mind is only on one thing: the task at hand. It's easy to write a typical travel piece about a destination; but it's hard if you really want to capture its soul. You really have to concentrate and use all your senses.


But on that last night in Kota Kinabalu, the evening was fine, we’d had a great dinner, and it was finally time to relax. Some of the guys were talking about life and love and one of them suddenly said: “I want to go out with a smart girl.”

That prompted me to say something -- probably the very first time I spoke up that night. I teased him: “Be careful. Smart girls are difficult.”

They all looked at me, and the guy who wanted a smart girl said: “Are they really?”

I replied: “Of course they are. Smart girls are more complicated because they have more needs and expectations. They certainly won't put up with a lot of things that guys tend to do when they think they have the upper hand.” At least this is what I think.

Another guy asked: “So who do smart girls end up with if they’re so complicated?”

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I smiled, and I just couldn’t resist replying, rather teasingly but also truthfully: “The really smart girls will choose guys who will put up with them.” This was actually something that came out very naturally. No pre-meditated thinking, and certainly it's not a topic I really spend much time thinking about.

There was only one other girl at the table at that time because the others had gone on to do some nocturnal animal watching in the conservation area nearby.

She thought for a moment and then said: “My god, that’s so true.” So this back and forth went on for a while and we were all really enjoying it.

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Then the conversation turned to the greatest pick-up lines guys use. I can’t remember all of them but I was certainly laughing a lot, listening to these guys reveal their pick-up lines.

One of the guys had been thinking of great pick-up lines all week while riding the van in Kota Kinabalu, and he had us all in stitches with his one-liners.

Then the guy seated next to me said to me: “I’m going to ask you some questions and just answer them with the first things that come to your mind.”

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Wow. I usually ask the questions on a Travelife team trip, and no one really asks me personal questions. But for some reason, I was in a good mood that night so I said okay.


He said: “Think about an area as far as your eye can see. If you had to put a box in this area, how big would the box be?” That was easy. I replied: “As big as the area.”

He asked again: “What’s your box made of?” I replied: “It’s fiberglass and opaque.”


He then asked: "If you have flowers inside this box, what kind are they? Are they just one kind or all kinds of flowers? And where would you put them inside this box?"

I thought for awhile on this one. Then I said: "They'd all be roses and they'd be in a bunch in the center of the room."


He asked: "If you had a staircase in this box, how high would it go and what kind would it be?" I replied: "It would go as high as the roof of the box and it would be a normal staircase."

He finally asked: "If you had a horse, where would you put it in the box?" I immediately replied: "The horse would be outside the box." Yes, I can't think of a horse inside a box, for some reason.


He said: "The horse has to be in the box. Just think that the d--mn horse is in the box. Now where would he be and what kind of horse would he be?"

I had to think about this one. I really preferred the horse outside the box or in a pasture nearby. But anyway, as everyone was now listening intently, I said: "Well, he would be waiting on one side. And he would be strong, kind and patient."


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He looked thoughtfully at me. So now it was my turn to ask: "Now what was that all about?"

He answered: "Just a psychoanalysis of you." Then he proceeded to give me his interpretation but I can't tell you what he said.


But afterwards I laughingly told him: "That is a great pick-up line, if you're looking for one. It'll give you tons of things to talk about with that smart girl you're looking for. You can start the conversation with all these questions and she'll be so intrigued with your analysis that you'll end up talking long enough to get her phone number in the end. You've got to use this next time."

And with this, the whole table erupted in laughter and it was time to reluctantly call it a night. Just another evening in a never-ending, and never-endingly eventful Travelife -- but one that certainly qualifies as part of our Best of Travelife 2012.


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