Thursday, January 17, 2013

A pretty sweet and amazing Travelife

Last night I had dinner with a couple I didn't know very well, but whom I wished to know better. We are all very busy and yesterday everything just happened to fall into place.

We found we could get together for a casual and relaxing meal.

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It's interesting that when you have a lot of time with nice people you don't know enough, you end up recounting your life story in a brief way because they ask the right questions and want to also get to know you better.

Well, last night, that was exactly what happened. And in the process of telling my story -- or rather, my stories -- I realized what a wonderful and amazing life I truly have had.

I told them about my happy experiences in college and how I found myself in Japan; the jaw-dropping destinations I've been to in recent years, and especially in the last year.

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Just in the last 12 months alone, these are just some of the things I've done:

- Climbed a temple in Myanmar and a mountain in Sri Lanka
- Sat by a river in Salzburg and in a garden outside Munich
- Walked the entire Prague and explored almost all the UNESCO World Heritage Czech towns
- Swam in the Dead Sea and dined in the dark in Tel Aviv
- Biked through Kyoto and sailed into Shanghai
- Sailed again from Bangkok to Singapore
- Enjoyed a Kota Kinabalu sunset. Twice.
- Chased a lion in Kruger National Park
- Rode a horse down Petra
- Drove to the ends of the earth, to the Cape of Good Hope
- Drank champagne all over South Africa.

And these are just the places I'm those, there's been about a dozen trips to Tokyo, innumerable trips around Asia, and even a boat ride in Hiroshima and Hokkaido.


Then there was how, almost two years ago, I found myself stuck on top of Tokyo's Rainbow Bridge at the height of the great earthquake of Japan.

I also told them how, less than 48 hours after the earthquake, I was in Singapore having drinks with friends, and a few hours later I was on board a ship sailing out of Bali.


If you hear all of this in one go, it must sound like an imagined life rather than a Travelife.

But all these things did happen to me; and the amazed look of my new good friends last night made me realize what an especially exciting life I've had so far, and what a grand time I've had in every sense.

You take your life for granted lots of times. But last night, I suddenly remembered that I shouldn't ever do that. I'm very lucky, indeed, to be living a wonderful Travelife.

Anyway, this realization made such a deep impression on me last night that I couldn't even write a blog as usual. I typically end my days at around 11 PM and then I spend midnight on my computer.

Last night, I just couldn't get the words out to tell the story of a pretty enjoyable evening. I was busy lost in thought.

And lots of realizations about everything to be happy and thankful about, in a never-ending and never-endingly eventful Travelife.


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