Wednesday, January 30, 2013

2013 Philippine Flow Fest on Saturday, February 2

The Philippine's first ever fire and movement festival is happening this weekend.

Philippine Flow Fest 2013: celebrating the fire and movement arts is a unique and one-of-a-kind event that is taking place this Saturday in McKinley Hill.

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One of the world's most famous fire/flow artist, Thomas "Nevisoul" Johansson of Sweden, is coming just for this event.

Also joining him are the following fire artists:

1) Ian Culp (USA)
2) Aifique (Malaysia)
3) Jana La Fae (Germany) 
4) Justina Flash (USA) 

The PFF 2013 will be a one-day festival that will bring together fire and movement art professionals and enthusiasts from across the country with the goal of showcasing these wonderful art forms through collaborative learning, workshops and community celebration.

Internationally, fire and flow arts communities and festivals are a growing trend and one that is spreading -- excuse the pun -- like wildfire.

With the recent development and exposure of these art forms nationally, the time is ripe to mount an event such as this.

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Workshops and exhibitions begin at 10am and these will be capped by a star-studded gala performance night, featuring the following:

1) Talendadong Pinoy 2012 grand champion fire hula hooper Daniel “Astroboy” Darwin
2) The fire queen of Boracay, Rachel Lobangco
3) Poi CDO
4) Flow Arts Cebu 
5) Planet Zips Luminaries


Other motion artists will be joining this unique event. These include:

1) Parkour Philippines
2) Pangalay Artist Circle
3) Belly Dancers and Pole Academy of the Philippines
4) My Masterpiece Movement
5) Piaget Martelino
5) Tony Piggott and friends 


Musical guests include:

1) Jonan Aguilar and Anak
2) Philippine Beatbox Alliance
3) CJ Wasu and Joey Valenciano on Tabla and Sitar
4) Flippin Soul Stompers
5) Robby “DJ Danger” Sanchez and Rick Sanchez
6) Brigada and Christina “DJ Badkiss” Bartges


10 - 1030 AM : Registration of flow art workshops. Opening remarks
1030 AM - 12 PM : Flow Arts Workshops
130 - 3 PM : Flow Arts Workshops
3 - 330 PM : Parkour Philippines / Philippines Tricking Exhibition
330 - 5 PM : Flow Arts Workshops
5 - 7 PM : Sunset open jam / drum circle / live art community painting mural
7 - 8 PM : Flow/Fire Arts Documentary Film screening
Gala night begins at 7 PM

Venice Piazza
McKinley Hill
Saturday, February 2
10 AM to 2 AM

Free your flow!


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