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Great design at Hong Kong's Lane Crawford

The display at Lane Crawford Home in Pacific Place

In Hong Kong recently, living a Travelife, I visited Lane Crawford Home in Pacific Place. I'm not really much of a shopper unless it's at a very unique store or someplace really local; but if I do find some extra time in Hong Kong -- which is almost never, by the way -- I like going to Lane Crawford Home as I always find something I want.

The displays at Lane Crawford Home were really pretty, especially as the store was decked out for Christmas.

They had a lovely dining table arrangement, and I happily saw the same Italian dining utensils set on their display as I have in my home in Manila.

China-inspired gift items on sale at Lane Crawford


I also saw a really unique decanter for sale -- at a pretty ridiculous price, by the way -- as one I bought in Burgundy about five years ago. We'd had lunch with Erwan Faiveley, third-generation owner of the Domaine Faiveley, which is one of the prestigious wineries in Burgundy.

He'd taken us to lunch at his favorite restaurant in one of the little villages along the famous Cote D'Or, which is what they call the strip of land from which some of the world's most famous and expensive wines come from, including the Romanee Conti. I think we'd had lunch in the village of Nuit St Georges.


Anyway, this restaurant served us some excellent Faiveley wines -- of course -- and they had come decanted in these lovely, modern and quirky decanters.

After that, I just had to own one of these decanters, even if it meant a pretty taxing time carrying the decanter back to Asia. I had all this luggage from three weeks in Europe and now I was planning to lug a giant decanter home as well.

This is from the David Tang store nearby

I looked all over Burgundy for this unusual decanter, and finally I found it in a little shop in the town of Beaune, which is the main wine trading town in Burgundy.

The decanter was indeed very difficult to carry back, but I've never regretted buying it. And seeing it on sale at Lane Crawford Home at quite a princely sum just made me happier about my purchase.

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In fact, almost everything about Lane Crawford Home spelled E-X-P-E-N-S-I-V-E. I'd previously had this experience on a trip to China a few months back, and now it was like deja vu. I was looking around a store and doing calculations in my head, and feeling like I couldn't buy anything.

"When did everything get so expensive here?" I asked my friend. "And who is buying this stuff at these prices?"

He shrugged and said: "The mainland Chinese, I guess. They come to Hong Kong and really shop up a storm."


I thought the modish interiors on display this time were very interesting -- lots of colorful prints and retro stuff. I'm posting whatever photos I could take, and maybe I'll redecorate my house again sometime soon. Right now it's looking like a cross between an Asian art gallery and the lobby of an African safari lodge.

This Lane Crawford look will certainly give it an entirely different vibe for a never-ending, and never-endingly eventful Travelife.


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