Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve lunch at Kasbah

Christmas eve lunch today was at Kasbah at The Fort

In Manila living a TRAVELIFE, for once I spent a morning doing nothing more tedious than address a few gift cards while listening to old songs on the radio. It's a bit of respite before my never-ending Travelife starts all over again.

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After this afternoon, my next free window is January 3rd. So many friends have flown the coop for the holidays and are vacationing in cooler climates; but you wouldn't know it, judging from the number of friends still around to celebrate the holidays with.

Outdoor seating at Kasbah

So every lunch and dinner until January 3rd is booked, and happily so, as -- with the more relaxed work and travel schedule over the holidays -- I get to catch up with so many people I've been longing to see for the longest time.


Lamb tagine with couscous at Kasbah

Today we had lunch at Kasbah, the cozy North African restaurant at the Fort Strip. I really like the food here as it's very fresh.

Everything is made on the spot, and you can taste the difference between their freshly-made food -- especially with stuff like hummus and tabouleh -- and the same kind of food at other restaurants.

Chicken tagine at Kasbah

At lunch today, the hummus tasted like it was made half an hour before serving, while the tabbouleh tasted like it was picked this morning.

That's a rare treat for a hummus and tabbouleh lover like myself, especially in this part of the world.

After all the appetizers, we ordered only a variety of tagine including lamb, chicken and vegetable. My favorite was the lamb tagine which was truly scrumptious.


Then we ended with orders of baklava.

Kasbah's baklava was full of nuts and not sweet at all --
so unlike the commercial kinds found elsewhere

Now baklava is readily available in many places including all over the Middle East, and all the way to Morocco, Greece and Turkey.

I like ordering it wherever I find it, since I remember a very good baklava I once had as a child while stopping over at a picturesque port on a sail through the Greek islands.

I never forgot this baklava and since then I've tried to have it wherever possible.

Middle Eastern and North African food, too, is way healthier than most cuisine. So it was a very good marriage of celebrations and healthy eating, in my never-ending and never-endingly eventful Travelife.


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