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Best of Travelife 2012: Shopping with two guys in Colombo

Reflecting at year-end on the wonderful TRAVELIFE that was in 2012, this is part of a series of blog entries that will look at the best aspects of our never-ending, and never-endingly eventful travels. 

This year was so full of indescribable and inspiring experiences -- and we're certainly looking forward to an even more amazing Travelife in 2013

Happy New Year to everyone
from all of us at Travelife Magazine.


Arts and crafts of Sri Lanka

In March I journeyed to Sri Lanka with two guys and we had a really enjoyable trip. In Colombo, I had quite an extensive list of things to see and do. It was my second trip and I didn't really get much leisure time on the first trip, so I made sure to factor in some shopping time this time around. 

The promenade of Colombo

Fortunately, my two guy friends had infinite patience and sort of the same general interests; so we saw all the cool shops, and I'd even brought home one of those beautiful (and incredibly heavy) brass lamps that Sri Lankans place at the entrance of their homes.

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One of the guys very kindly took this lamp home for me, and he literally took it off my hands the moment the shop had packed it up for the voyage.

He took it straight from the shop clerk and put it in the back of our van. Then, when he got to the hotel, he snucked it into his empty suitcase -- brought purposely for my shopping -- and the next time I saw it, it was in my living room in Manila.

Talk about door-to-door service, and how lucky I am to have such nice friends.


Arts and crafts of Sri Lanka

What fun it was to shop with two guys

First, I had sounding boards on everything, and they certainly had lots of opinions

Then I had someone to help me carry my bags afterwards -- plus this extra empty suitcase (apart from my own empty ones) brought to Sri Lanka just for me. 


"I love having both of you on trips," I teased them. But it's true. We worked pretty hard on a great cover shoot, but we also had so much fun.

At any given time -- except at the very end of the day, when we were all just simply exhausted -- one of us was teasing the others, so it was a constant battle of wits and jokes

One of the many interior boutiques in Colombo

And also a constant battle between self-discipline and credit cards, in my never-ending and never-endingly eventful Travelife

An afternoon spent in the garden of the lovely Tintagel boutique hotel,
which was very Anoushka Hempel in feel.


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