Monday, November 5, 2012

The Farm goes on sale: 50% off for its new Narra Villas

The Farm at San Benito has just finished constructing ten new beautiful villas that will certainly take the detox experience they offer to a higher, world-class level for luxuriously healthy living.

I had a sneak peek at the new Narra Villas earlier last month, and I instantly fell in love with them. They weren't quite finished yet when I was at The Farm at San Benito last, but I certainly made up my mind to visit again and stay at one of the Narra Villas at the first opportunity.


This week, though, is just plain crazy so a stay at The Farm is completely impossible. I returned from Japan to find a mountain-load of invitations for the next three evenings before I fly off to South Africa.

What's happened to Manila? It's like events came back with a vengeance after two long weekends of quiet.

There's literally a mountain of invites on my desk. I stopped counting events when my schedule was looking like five events a night between now and South Africa. That was when I said to my PA: "Stop putting events in. I don't have enough minutes left."

Of course I want to go to so many of these events as they're organized by friends or by people who support Travelife.

But I can't go to all of them, or even to five events a night -- much as I'd love to. So there are a couple of events I've had to regretfully send regrets to because my schedule's just so full, including the TWG launch by Store Specialists, a wonderful tapas party by a chef I've come to like a lot, and a big party on Thursday that announced itself via a very intriguing invitation.


Regarding this big party on Thursday that the organizers have billed as "the party of the year." A huge and heavy white box landed on my desk last week, as I imagine it also landed on a couple of other people's desks all over the city. But as I only got to work today, I only saw it this afternoon.

There was a note from Solenn Heusaff on it, about a glamorous-sounding party somewhere in the Fort. And inside this heavy box were two compartments: one held a white semi-cardigan by Rajo Laurel and the other was a heavy and locked box.

The note from Solenn basically said: "You'll just have to find out what's inside that other locked box by going to the party."

Scroll down to read more....

Gosh. I already said yes to three things on Thursday, so I just can't fit in a fourth, especially as the third event for Thursday involves a sit-down gourmet dinner.

But I loved the Rajo Laurel white cardi enough to throw it into my luggage for South Africa -- yes, Boss, my luggage is getting heavier -- and I'm still so intrigued as to what's in that locked box. But as I can't make it to the party, I'm thinking of breaking the box open...


But I'm definitely triple-booked for each of the next three evenings, including the grand finals for the Salon de Ning singing competition of the Peninsula Manila, the black-tie re-launch of Spirals at Sofitel, the National Day celebrations of South Korea, and a preview of the new menu of a much talked-about French restaurant in town, among many other things.

And don't even get me started on what my next three days are like, from 8 AM to 5 PM, because that's even crazier.


But the upside is that I've made up my mind to make South Africa a proper holiday. No editing or working at midnight if I can help it, and not much blogging either. I just want to relax, to have fun, and to appreciate what I'm seeing or experiencing without my Macbook Pro in front of me -- for once.

Blogging on a daily basis is lots of fun because I find there's so much to share about this wonderful world and equally wonderful Travelife that just won't fit into the more formal and disciplined style of magazine writing that we so consciously espouse at Travelife.

I don't believe in migrating the casual diary-style of blogging to print media -- even if so many people do this -- because I strongly believe that print media requires really disciplined thought, writing and editing to be really good.

This is just one of the many reasons why Travelife Magazine is #1, by the way. No one travels like us. Or writes like us.

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Let's see if I can actually resist not blogging. But I definitely want to sit back in that fantastic safari camp and enjoy the scenery without having to think about how I'm going to describe it in a blog.

The Narra Villas at the The Farm at San Benito

But back to The Farm and their great sale to inaugurate the new villas. Obviously I can't make it anytime this week, and I can't make it either to their 10th big anniversary party next week.


That's the other mountain of invitations on my desk, by the way. I'm gone for two weeks in South Africa, and it seems that everything in Manila that's not happening this week is happening in those next two weeks.

I sorted through the invitations and there were certainly a lot of things I would have loved to go to, if only I'm in town. But I'll be halfway around the world when all these wonderful things are happening.


Between November 10 and December 20, however, The Farm is offering stays at their beautiful 200 square meter  Narra Villas (with private heated pools and complete privacy, by the way) at 50% off rack rates. If you've been angling for a luxe and healthy holiday, well, this is certainly it.

The 50% discounted price of Php 19,750++ per room per night comes with breakfast, afternoon tea, and various fitness activities. 


Nestled on the ridge running along the stream, beside the Master Villa, towards the South Pool, each Narra Villa offers a private 3 meter x 8 meter heated swimming pool with hydro jets, outdoor & covered terraces, bedroom, day bed, palatial bathroom with double sinks, shower, bathtub and two individual toilets.

Private gardens surround each Nature Villa with breathtaking views of the San Benito ridge and surrounding jungle. These villas are really beautiful. They remind me of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World type of villas (, which I'm such a big fan of.

You heard it first here from us at Travelife Magazine.


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