Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Stephen Bishop at the Marriott in Manila

Mint tea, good food and conversation today at Kasbah

"Everyone needs a healthy dose of sorrow and happiness. There's no depth without sorrow, and no point in life without happiness."

This was one of the topics of conversation today at lunch, at Kasbah in the Fort. I had lunch with Kasbah owner Madonna English, and after talking about travel -- and particularly our favorite places in Morocco -- the conversation got steered somehow towards this balance of sorrow and happiness in every person's life.

And how sorrow is sometimes good for people.


How apt this topic was as well, as late afternoon in our Travelife turned a little bit into sorrow. Hopefully, though, that made us better able to finish the writing for this issue.

Sorrow gives people depth in writing and in anything creative. And so far Travelife Magazine's December 2012-January 2013 holiday issue is turning out to be the best on record yet.

So in a way, it's again a little bit of sorrow and happiness. Even in a Travelife.


Tonight, I attended the Philippines Yearbook 2012 party at the Marriott Hotel. It was hosted by Grace Glory Go and her son Vernon, and Grace is one of my favorite persons in the media.

The party was extremely well-attended by the business community. I walked through the ballroom and I basically saw everyone I needed to see or wanted to see in Manila, after being away for so long on a series of trips to Singapore, Japan, and South Africa.


But the piece de resistance tonight -- at least for a certain generation of people -- was a very private and intimate concert by Stephen Bishop, arranged by Grace and Vernon for their guests at the Philippines Yearbook party tonight.

So the evening began with the cocktails and the program proper, and by 830 PM it was over, and Stephen Bishop came onstage to entertain Gracie's guests. It was a very small crowd at the end and so the full-length concert was so enjoyable and personal.


I found myself seated next to two friends called M, and we had a very enjoyable time listening to pretty sentimental music from another era and recalling all kinds of things. We were like three schoolgirls.

I haven't seen both of these Ms in a while. M#1, I've known a long time, while M#2 is a lady I traveled with to South India two years ago. Tonight we talked about doing a trip to North India next year.

The three of us chatted away about travel and Stephen Bishop's songs, which were romantic and nostalgic at the same time. It was just what I needed tonight, and I really liked what he sang for us.


One More Night
Separate Lives
Never Letting Go
Save It For a Rainy Day
It Might Be You
Looking for the Right One

When Stephen Bishop sang the song "Looking for the Right One," he recalled how his ex-wife had asked him to sing this very song at their wedding because it was such a beautiful song.

Then he said: "We got divorced and she subsequently remarried. When she got married, I cried all night. For him."

That certainly got us laughing. And on that note, sorrow kind of turned into happiness in a never-ending, and never-endingly eventful Travelife.


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