Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Sofitel's Spiral Restaurant reopens with Kevyn Lettau singing at a fantastic party

Wow. GM Goran Aleks, Director of Sales and Marketing Chantelle Garvey and their team at the Sofitel Philippine Plaza certainly know how to throw a great party.

To celebrate the re-opening of their famous Spiral restaurant, which probably has the longest buffet spread in the Philippines, they hosted an evening of good food, nice music and pretty fun company.


I've been away from Manila quite a bit since August, so I've missed seeing so many friends and being part of so many events.

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But I've been back since Monday night, working on the next issue and attending socials that happened to happily fall into my calendar this week. And tonight's party at the Sofitel was so well-attended that tonight I saw almost everyone I've missed in the past months, who I needed or wanted to see, in one go.

Whoever I missed seeing at my five events yesterday, well, I saw most of them tonight at Sofitel's party.


I arrived late, as usual.

To tell you the truth, I was almost going to duck out of tonight's party basically due to fatigue, after a hectic never-ending Travelife and an equally hectic Manila life that's involved about 20 events and even more meetings in the four days I'm in Manila, between returning from Japan on Monday and flying off to South Africa on Friday.

I'd already canceled my four other events tonight, but I'd kept the Sofitel party on my schedule  because I like Goran and Chantelle a lot.

But at around 6 PM, there I was at home trying to decide what to wear to this black tie event. I was also exchanging more BBMs with The Boss regarding our trip to South Africa in two days.

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He was updating me on the chances of rain, we were discussing getting up to Table Mountain in Cape Town at sunset,  and also exchanging a couple of one-liners and private jokes.

So, as all this was happening, I was so tempted to just stay home for once. But instead, I compromised with myself by putting on a cocktail dress instead of wearing a long gown, and then I headed back out into the night to cross town and join the Sofitel party.

I wore one of these dresses I'd ordered from Tinsley, the home-service dressmaker. There's a particular style I like and that I always get compliments when I'm wearing, so I'd literally ordered it in every color possible.


I was certainly glad I ended up going.

The new bar area of Spirals

For one thing, Spiral now looks so pretty. They have a new bar area, a real spiral staircase, and just overall a whole lot more pizzazz. The entire place looked very impressive.

Then the crowd was very eclectic, but representative of important people from all walks of life. Almost everyone important in some way was there, dressed to the nines. And most of the women were indeed wearing long gowns.


I missed the first part of the entertainment, but everyone I spoke to was raving about it. But I was so glad I caught Kevyn Lettau's act.

She sang from the new spiral staircase -- how apt -- and just as I was under that staircase talking to someone, she sang the song that made her famous in the Philippines, and one I really like: "Sunlight."

Kevyn Lettau singing from the staircase

I was so happy I've been able to listen to music I like over the past 48 hours. Last night, it was The Company at Salon de Ning of the Peninsula Manila, while today it was Kevyn Lettau at the Sofitel.


The Japanese section

Finally, the food was very good. No exaggeration. I liked the Indian spread, and I had several plates of oysters.

The new Spirals also has a proper cheese and ham room and the cheeses were excellent. Remembering the food now just makes me wish I ate more of it. But I was so busy talking to people and catching up.

Of course, the Travelife team was there in full force to show support for Sofitel. We all enjoyed another wonderful evening in our never-ending, and never-endingly eventful Travelife.


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