Thursday, October 11, 2012

The best paella in Manila, in the home of Ambassador of Spain

Tonight I went to the residence of the Ambassador of Spain for a cocktail party he was hosting on the occasion of the National Day of Spain.

This particular reception is always well attended and the Ambassador of Spain has a really beautiful house with lots of interesting artwork.


He also has a very nice, rather candid photo of himself with President Aquino prominently displayed on his mantelpiece.

Tonight we all stood around the terrace and the lovely garden, which was so nicely lighted up.

By the terrace they set up a buffet table which had a pretty long line for most of the evening.

As I had had an extremely big lunch today, which I'll write about as soon as I recover from all that food tomorrow, I wasn't very interested in the food.

Instead I went around to say hello to friends and acquaintances. I get so few chances to do so these days, because of my never-ending Travelife.


But finally the crowds disappeared from the buffet area and I found myself here at exactly the time that the waiters brought in two very large and luscious-looking dishes of paella: one was a colorful paella of seafood and meat in saffron, and the other was a paella made with squid ink.

I finally tried both, and all I could say was wow. I especially liked the paella negra which came chock-full of tender pieces of squid.

I said to the guy I was talking to: "This definitely is the Spanish ambassador's party." What I meant was that the Spanish ambassador has to serve great paella, of course.


Until then I'd been quite happy with myself as I'd had the biggest lunch imaginable but I'd successfully evaded dinner, subsisting on ice water for most of the evening. So I thought I was doing good time in terms of calories.

But then the two paellas called out my name and before I knew it, I had finished a plateful of each.

Just another broken promise of a diet in my never-ending, and never-endingly eventful Travelife.


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