Monday, October 15, 2012

Lunch at Wildflour Cafe at the Fort

Bone marrow as an appetizer

Today in Manila, living a Travelife, I had lunch with two very old friends who I used to hang out a  lot with in Tokyo. They let me pick the date and I even got to choose the restaurant. And when I got to the place just a little after 1230 PM, they were both already there waiting for me.

In that split-second of an instant, I felt sorry for not keeping in touch with them more, and missing out on lots of things in their lives.

French fries with herbs and ketchup and garlic mayonnaise


The two guys see each other fairly often, but I'm the one who's been out of the picture because of my never-ending Travelife. But today, serendipity smiled on us and the three of us found two hours for lunch in our very busy lives.

I hadn't seen these guys for a really long time, but today it was just like old times -- as if years had not passed at all.

One of the guys had onion soup


Comparing notes, as well, it seemed we'd all gone through similar experiences so we had so much to talk about. It was nice also to just be with people you've known forever, and because of this -- and also because of our personalities as well -- we had a really frank, stimulating and politically incorrect discussion over lunch.

We all run our own businesses so you might say we're all in the same boat as far as experiences are concerned.

And so, with them, I was able to mull over a couple of ideas and theories about the challenges of running a business in the Philippines, that I wouldn't be able to discuss with people I don't know very well.

We could have talked all day but we were all conscious of a ticking clock as well, with so much happening in our own respective worlds.

My steak and eggs with kimchi rice.
It's part of the breakfast menu that's served until 3 PM.


For lunch, by the way, I chose the Wildflour Cafe at the Fort, which I'd been hearing a lot about. Foodie friends had raved about it and whenever I passed this area, it's always been full and hopping. And today was my chance to finally try it for myself.

It was very full, and lots of tables looked like they had pretty fashionable people sitting at them.

And for lunch we'd ordered the french fries with two kinds of dips, vegetable tempura, and bone marrow to start. Then one guy and I had the steak with kimchi rice, while the other guy had the chicken.

Vegetable tempura as a starter


Finally at the end of lunch, I decided to change topic. Until then we'd been talking so intensely about a certain issue and exchanging thoughts and experiences on it.

I said: "I don't mean to change the subject. But was it just me who thought this lunch was so-so?"

They both nodded in agreement, and one of the guys said: "It was better the first time I was here."

The food was okay, but it wasn't stuff to talk about. Or to write much about in this blog, unless I want to say that everything needed more salt. It was all nicely plated and it all looked promising; but we could have used more flavor and depth.

Maybe I was just expecting too much. Or maybe the chef was on a Travelife. And if he is, I hope he comes back soon.



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