Friday, October 12, 2012

Korean pop culture in Seoul, and a great boxed meal on Jeju Air

Last month, everyone at Travelife Magazine was out of the office and living a Travelife.

I was in six different countries in two weeks, while some people on the Travelife team were in Thailand traveling with the Ambassador of Thailand, a couple of people were all over the Philippines and Malaysia, and Travelife Managing Editor Ceia Ylagan was in South Korea for a week.

 Looking for an airline with a great deal to Seoul, she proposed to take Jeju Air, a relatively new airline on the Manila-Seoul (Inchong) route with pretty good prices and really interesting food boxes on board.

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She sent me this update:

"In the past few years, Korean pop culture has become a worldwide phenomenon. The Korean wave has spread all throughout the globe, with Korean dramas and telenovelas being avidly followed by fans from all over the world.

Each show of a popular series is now patiently subtitled and uploaded, and then eagerly downloaded by fans from all ages and races.

In the music scene, Korean girl and boy bands are popping up left and right, all competing for spotlight, fame, and of course a bit of money. All are equally talented in singing and dancing, and they're all cute and good-looking, as well. But I must admit that it’s quite difficult to tell them apart if you're a non-fan.


But the Korean wave continues to spread like wildfire. I’m not particularly knowledgeable on these Korean stars; my closest encounter with Korean pop culture was an entire season of Full House (2004) and Princess Hours (2006), both of which I saw at least three years after they aired on local TV.

But my recent trip to Korea gave me a truly enjoyable glimpse into this Korean phenomenon -- starting with my ride on Jeju Air from Manila to Seoul. Just look at this Big Bang boy band on the boxed meal of Jeju Air!"

- written by Ceia Ylagan


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