Saturday, October 6, 2012

Jams for all season from a delicious Fruit Garden

Last week in Manila, living a Travelife, I attended a unique cocktail party at the Rockwell Club with edible goodies all somehow made from jams.

The party was hosted by The Fruit Garden, a French-Philippine enterprise that makes all kinds of exotic jams using old family recipes from France, and still cooked the very old-fashioned French way by patiently making these in small batches in copper cauldrons.


The Fruit Garden introduced two new jam flavours as limited edition offers: the Berry Dream and the Tropical Paradise.

Berry Dream is a lovely mix of blueberry and strawberry fruits with subtle hint of violet flowers inspired by the childhood memories of Pierre -- he's the Frenchman in this business equation -- of violet candy.

It's very much a typical "winter" jam that's eaten when those fruits aren’t in season. The uniqueness of that jam comes from the violet flower aroma.

Pierre said: "As child I used to eat violet candy, and it has a very special taste to me.”


Meanwhile, Tropical Paradise is the result of over six months of testing to achieve the perfect balance of textures and flavors. They used mainly passion fruit, pineapple and mango to achieve a very exotic combination.

Both jams are bottled in unique and exclusive wave glass jars specially made for this year’s holiday line.


The ‘wave’ idea for his glass jars hit Pierre during his a visit back to France.

He recalled: "Last June, after eating at Carette Patisserie in the 16th arrondissement, I walked across to the stunning Madeleine Church and was attracted by a very colorful shop window."

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He continued: "I'd known this outlet for many years and it never failed to impress me because of what they've been able to do with basic food products. The bottles and other packaging they had in the window were stunning. It inspired me to make the wave bottles for our jams."

These ‘artsy’ bottles can be stacked one on top of the other and are pretty enough to be used for other things.

In fact, I've actually given these jams to friends overseas as gifts because they're so pretty to look at and delightful to taste, and they're proudly from the Philippines as well. Many friends commented that they couldn't wait to finish the jams so that they could use the bottles.

Of course, this was before tasting the jams -- so I'm sure they felt differently after having some of these delicious jams on toast.

The Fruit Garden jams are available at : 

New World Hotel
Dusit Thani Hotel 
Hyatt Hotel  
Bacchus Epicerie
Legazpi Market 


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