Sunday, October 28, 2012

Breakfast in Singapore at TWG at Marina Bay Sands

Last week in Singapore, living a TRAVELIFE, we got off the Royal Caribbean cruise ship called the Voyager of the Seas at about 9 AM, after sailing for three days from Bangkok to Singapore.

Although breakfast was offered onboard from 630 AM, and the main restaurant of the Voyager of the Seas does an excellent eggs benedict with smoked salmon (which I was sorely tempted to have one more time), as usual, I'd taken my sweet time packing in my state room and had ended up losing time for breakfast.


So by the time we got through Singapore immigrations and had found our driver and van, I was completely famished.

"Let's have breakfast at TWG," I suggested. TWG has become an institution in Singapore -- a great place to buy teas (they have over 800 varieties, and the packaging is just beautiful), and its salons are nice for breakfasts, light lunches and afternoon teas.

There's a TWG Salon in the ION shopping complex along Orchard Road, and two TWG salons in Marina Bay Sands.


Their scones are also justly famous, and ever so wonderful with a pot of tea.

And I happened to know that the TWG Garden salon in the Marina Bay Sands complex, not too far from the Marina Bay Cruise Center where we had just docked, served a great breakfast from 10 AM.

So off we went to Marina Bay Sands and we were the very first customers at TWG.

There are four wonderful breakfast sets at the TWG Garden, all serving breakfast dishes and giving you a choice of one of their iconic teas.

The TWG Paris Breakfast, for instance, costs S$20 and comes with a pot of tea, freshly-squeezed juice, a croissant, whipped cream and marmalade. Meanwhile the TWG Singapore Breakfast costs S$28 and it also comes with tea, juice, and a croissant -- plus a farmhouse egg poached with pure white Alba truffle oil that's then sprinkled with Gyokuro Samurai tea leaves.


It was a tough choice between the TWG Singapore breakfast and the TWG New York breakfast. But as I'd mised the eggs benedict for breakfast on board the ship that morning, I thought this was a good opportunity to "recapture lost ground."

I ordered the TWG New York Breakfast for S$30, which includes a lovely pot of TWG tea, freshly-squeezed orange juice, and a very good eggs benedict consisting of smoked salmon or turkey ham topped with two poached eggs and served with hollandaise sauce and a toasted English muffin.

A wonderful start to my stay in Singapore last week. And just as I was declaring myself full for the rest of the day, my phone pinged and it was a text message from a friend in Singapore confirming lunch and asking about my choice of venue.

I was checking into Marina Bay Sands after breakfast so I thought of having lunch there as well. Nothing fancy as I was more in the mood for comfort food.

Scroll down to


"Let's go to Din Tai Fung for a late lunch," I messaged back. It was 11 AM and I'd just finished my big breakfast, after all.

I'd had the famous Din Tai Fung dumplings at the original dinky little store in Taipei on my last visit to Taiwan, and I'd heard that the Marina Bay Sands outlet of Din Tai Fung was a big improvement in terms of space and clean tables.

So it was a big breakfast, an even bigger lunch, and a really big dinner that first day in Singapore. As well as just another delicious day in my never-ending, and never-endingly eventful Travelife.



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