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World Traveller's Luggage of Hope and a visit to the MV Logos floating bookstore

Team Travelife with the MV Logo volunteers
TRAVELIFE Magazine editorial assistant Jean Mangonon emailed this report from Subic, while on a Travelife with TRAVELIFE executive assistant Katrina Malaluan:

Laira Legaspi of the World Traveller team and Team Travelife 
with the MV Logo volunteers

"To be up early on a weekend is not my usual cup of tea, but when the Travelife team was invited by World Traveller to visit the world’s largest floatingbook store, MV Logos Hope at Subic Bay Freeport, I felt a rush of excitement.

The world's largest floating bookstore
is onboard the MV Logos

This was one weekend trip I couldn’t miss, being a book lover and all. Meeting up with the World Traveller team in Makati on a Saturday morning, we headed north towards Subic in anticipation. 


Traveling for almost two and a half hours, we reached the Pamulaklakin Forest Trail, our first destination. We were greeted warmly by the indigenous Aetas and the luscious flora and fauna of Binictican Heights.

Before proceeding to our lunch, Tata Kasoy, the jovial Aeta tribal leader, showed off his survival skills living in a jungle/forest. He cut a single bamboo trunk into useful and functional items like kitchen utensils, a cup, a rice cooker, a food holder, even a pair of chopsticks. He's become quite famous for these skills as well, and has already appeared on TV quite a few times.

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Afterwards, we went on a 30-minute jungle tour, guided by an Aeta resident. She showed us the different trees with healing properties, including those with leaves that may be taken as tea for insomnia, dysmenorrhea, diabetes, muscle pains, and lactation (for pregnant women).

Finally we headed to the Segara Suites and Villas, our lodgings for the weekend, and prepared to board the MV Logos, the world's largest floating bookstore.


It was a little bit past 530 PM when we boarded the MV Logos ship, dressed in our smart casual attire with the sea breeze blowing nicely. My excitement grew fonder as I talked with the crew and realized that they were volunteers from different countries.

I asked them why they chose to journey with the MV Logos. They were either fueled by its adventurous stories of travel, or moved by the thought of the purposeful voyage of bringing knowledge, help and HOPE around the world.

Todd Sprinkiel and his wife, both from Minnesota, were our assigned tour guides for the evening. “We try to explain the journey we're in,” Todd said, as he talked about the ship's history and purpose.


But the main highlight of the tour was the floating bookstore. Yes, on board the boat were over 5000 books from all over the world, neatly arranged in rows and rows of bookshelves.  I took my time browsing through every section, knowing that I wouldn’t find be able to find most of these books in Manila bookstores.

The world's largest floating bookstore
is onboard the MV Logos

The books on board were either donated or pre-ordered to supply the already extensive collection of storybooks, novels, cookbooks, school course guides, photography books, and so much more.

The world's largest floating bookstore
is onboard the MV Logos

The items onboard are sold in units -- 1 unit = 1 peso -- so I was quite surprised to see how everything was so cheap. This really got me in shopping mode for books. ☺


World Traveller's
Luggage of Hope

After our tour, World Traveller launched their giant red luggage as part of their efforts to spread the message of hope around the world. It was such a memorable evening, as everyone gathered around the red World Traveller bag and placed their small notes of advice and quotes for the next visitors on board the ship to see.

The MV Logos is headed for Hong Kong from Subic, so Hong Kong visitors, get ready ☺

The evening flew by with lots of laughs and memories to share – definitely another adventure-filled Travelife, but this time with the World Travellers of the sea.


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