Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Portraits from the Israel Museum of Art in Tel Aviv

This is part of the contemporary collection of Israeli art.
I took a photo of this man in between some installations,
and it looks like an art photograph as well.

Yesterday, I visited the Israel Museum of Art in Tel Aviv, which is famous for its many excellent exhibits -- including a collection of Israeli art from the early 20th century to the present, in three rooms -- and also for its landmark architecture.

The building looks quite low and low-key from the outside. But when you get inside, it goes all the way down, so you realize that it is much bigger than it looks. Also, the plot on which it was built is actually triangular in shape -- thus posing an even greater challenge to the architect and builders.

Israeli Museum of Art in Tel Aviv

It was founded in 1932 by the first mayor of Tel Aviv, in his private home on Rothschild Boulevard in the heart of Tel Aviv, right near the military headquarters. Today it is a beautiful and modern complex that houses art, photography, prints, temporary exhibits and also a wonderful art library.

The giftshop in the lobby.
I found a set of lovely, cutting-edge flower vases,
designed by an Israeli artist,
for my dining table.
Perfect for my dinner for 8 in Manila this Saturday.
I really had an enjoyable visit here, and I'd like to share some photos I took of artworks I really liked, and also of portraits I took of the people visiting the gallery.

It's easy to just snap photos of paintings. But I thought that I would take photos of people looking at the artworks, for a change, to make the museum experience come more alive. I really enjoyed doing this, as it was different from just taking regular photos. I hope you like them too.

The museum has a very long escalator.
I thought this couple going down looked very picturesque.

This is an installation by a famous Indian artist,
of different shirt pockets and what they contain.

I liked having this man in the center,
with a small collage of photos in the background.

I liked the pose of this man and woman,
looking at a painting by a famous Israeli artist.

The museum guard amidst various installations
made for a very interesting photograph.

This guard with her back turned
provides an interesting study,
with the light and the people in the background.

This man and woman are facing the same direction,
and I really like the way the colors and composition turned out.

These two girls, one sitting at the top of the stairs,
and the other going somewhere,
seemed to make a statement to me.

The man in blue, just a bit off-center,
makes this photograph very interesting to me.

This is at the entrance.
I just had to record the play of lights and lines,
with a lady sitting unknowingly in the background. 

The museum coffee shop,
with a video installation on the large wall behind.

This was an interesting interactive installation.
Everyone who walks into the room is captured on video.
However, the screen eventually fills up with garbage,
drowning out the people.
It's supposed to represent the materialism in everyone's lives.

And finally, that's me, among the sculptures in the courtyard,
living a Travelife.


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