Sunday, September 9, 2012

Great wines from Chile and the real challenge

So many events happen while I'm away on my never-ending Travelife, so I'm constantly missing out on lots of wonderful parties and functions. Just recently, I missed a party hosted by my good friend, H.E. Roberto Mayorga, the Ambassador of Chile, that featured some of the best wines produced in his country.

Argentina consul Jaime Goldaracena, Ambassador of Argentina Joaquin Otero,
Ambassador of Chile Roberto Mayorga,  Larah Muller, Jorge Muller

It was a happy and very well-attended event, and the Travelife team was present in full force. Travelife Magazine Managing Editor Ceia Ylagan, who is flying off on a TRAVELIFE to somewhere pretty exotic soon, sent me an account:


"It was the middle of the month, and in a truly busy Travelife way, we had several invitations for events that we were more than eager to go to.

At the top of this list was the Embassy of Chile’s Chilean Wine Tasting Event. Ambassador Mayorga had invited us to this event weeks before, insisting that we should not miss this special event that would feature a selection of Chile’s best wines.


Ambassador and Madame Roberto Mayorga,
Consul and Madame Luis Alberto Palma

Chile is one of the top New World wine producers in the world so we were surely not going to miss this. True enough, the Chilean embassy showcased almost a hundred kinds of wines.

Ralph Joseph, Mario Ibarra, Ricky Tantoco
The Ambassador with Stephanie Zubiri and Tina Pamintuan
Of course, trying out all the varieties of wine in one night was a challenge we were all too happy to take on. Tasting all those different varietals was like taking a tour around Chile’s wine regions—all in one night.


And with such engaging company and interesting conversation going throughout the night, we lost track of the number of glasses we'd consumed. The next challenge, then, was finding our way back home.

Just another evening in our never-ending, and never-endingly eventful Travelife."

- written by Travelife Managing Editor Ceia Ylagan

Chilean Consul Luis Alberto Palma, Mercedes Vargas,
Madame Paulina Mayorga, Ambassador of Chile Roberto Mayorga


The wine importers
This event featured wines imported by the following Philippine wine importers:

Best World Beverages
Fly Ace Corporation
Future Trade 
Forth and Tay
Philippine Wine Merchants
Premier Wines and Spirits
Terry Selection
Titania Wine Cellar
Werdenberg International Corporation
Wine Depot


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