Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Our hardworking Travelife team

There I was this morning, rummaging through closets and pantries for items and food stuffs to donate to  the flood relief efforts when I got a series of texts and emails from our team. Many of them were already in the office working at 930 AM, after yesterday's massive rains and last night's continuous downpour.

I actually assumed that the office was closed for the second day and that everyone would know that they were to stay at home today. Instead there they were at work at 930 AM, even if some of them had personally experienced flooding and inconveniences.


In fact, our creative director had gone to work yesterday as well, to finish layouts in the office. He'd emailed me the layouts yesterday but I'd assumed he was working from home as he has a Macbook Pro to work on at home and on business trips. He hadn't even mentioned that he'd been working from the office, perhaps one of a handful of people in Makati's CBD yesterday, working all through the worst of the rains.

So of course, I went straight to work as well. What an amazing team we have at Travelife Magazine. And that's why we're #1.


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