Saturday, August 4, 2012

Dresses ordered by email from Tinsley

Friday was a very nice day. All afternoon I worked pretty hard at the office until the Travelife team was ready for final pagination. This is the very last stage before going to print, and it usually happens on a late Friday afternoon for us, as I am likely to be on a plane on a Saturday once the issue is closed.


This weekend, however, I'm staying put because we're filming several episodes of Travelife TV; but pagination took place anyway just a couple of hours ago. Our upcoming August-September 2012 issue is a truly beautiful 5th anniversary issue, so even I'm excited to get pagination done and to start printing.

And when everyone was ready, I stood up to start the proceedings. Final pagination is a big deal for us as it's the time everyone crowds around the massive pagination board seeking the best spaces for their clients. Meanwhile, my main priority is that the entire magazine looks good and that the contents are matched nicely with the more commercial aspects of the magazine.


I always like to play music when we paginate because it gets me perky. And you definitely need to be in an upbeat mood to paginate well and match advertising with content properly.

Every issue's pagination is done to different music depending on what I'm playing most at the moment. But right now, this is my favorite song for the week. I start my day with this, and I paginated to this yesterday.

He Touches Me
by Lisa Stansfield


The result was a pretty fun and high-spirited pagination session that ended in high-fives and a proper closure, enabling a good weekend and much-deserved rest for most.

Our general manager Gel Bayona flew off to Cebu today for a TRAVELIFE sort of long weekend; and with the next issue more or less accounted for, I hope she gets some R&R in between all those business meetings she's set up for herself.


A couple of us have to work through the weekend, however, to make up for time lost to a never-ending Travelife in the past and going forward. The Travelife TV team is shooting a couple of TV episodes this weekend.


Then, as if my day couldn't get better, a package arrived for me from Tinsley, the clothing venture that basically works like a home-service atelier and modista. I signed up for their service a few months back after seeing a very nice dress on one of our models. A modista then came over to my house at my convenience to get my measurements and put them on file.

After that, it's just been a matter of choosing designs and fabrics long-distance or from the comfort of my home or office. Or sometimes I'll send her some fabric I've picked up from somewhere in the world and Tinsley will make it into a cocktail dress or a caftan for me. I've already had a couple of dresses made this way, with great success. Talk about a nice convenience for a busy person like me who never ever has the time to enter a store while in Manila.


Well, before I left on my most recent never-ending TRAVELIFE sometime at the end of May, I'd decided to order some new clothes from Tinsley. My assistant rang them up and within minutes, I'd received samples of fabrics via email, and the next day I even had the swatches, so I could feel the actual fabrics.

That's great service and incredible convenience. I was able to pick three dresses that could be made exactly to my measurements, all while editing articles and answering emails.

Then I forgot all about my orders because immediately afterwards I hopped on a plane and went around the world a couple of times. But yesterday, a pretty pink package arrived containing my clothes, including a lovely salmon colored cocktail dress. So I was able to get my retail fix without even leaving home or office. No need to step out into traffic or brave the rains.

Now all I need is to find the right occasion to wear these lovely dresses. Shouldn't be too much of a problem, though, in a never-ending Travelife.



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