Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Rainrap for a very wet day

Talk about good timing for the rainiest days of the year so far.

I was at work today with the Travelife team, the day after the massive rains and floods, when a package arrived from the States by special delivery -- and it contained something I'd completely forgotten about. I opened the small box and there was my order of what basically is a portable and ultra light-weight raincoat, that's perfect for traveling.


Now I never have to be caught in the rains when on a trip anymore. And it's wonderfully fashionable as well, with so many different colors available. It's also soft, reversible, waterproof, and it comes in one size that fits all

It's also great as a clothing accessory -- a light coat for an al fresco dinner or a wrap for a night at a concert -- to instantly keep you warm or to glamorize your look when going straight from a day schedule to a night schedule while traveling.


I'd read about Rainraps in a US publication sometime back and it seemed exactly suited to my never-ending Travelife. Rainraps was the idea of Stacy Stuminger, a former retail executive who realized she had nothing waterproof and fashionable to wear during a week of non-stop rains in 2011.

She shared the idea for a product and a business with her bestfriend Rachel Teyssier, and thus Rainraps was born.

So I then went on the website to order one and see it for myself. I got intrigued with the concept of a Rainrap because a heavy umbrella is always a damper to carry around -- and even the lightest ones are still heavy if you're out all day.

Many hotels do provide umbrellas to their guests, but they're usually the good-quality kinds that are also heavy to lug around as well. So when the porter offers me an umbrella on my way out of the hotel on a cloudy day, I usually say no thanks, as this means carrying something the equivalent of a walking stick in weight.

The other option is then to bring your own folding umbrella. It's not a big deal to do so, but when you've shopped a lot, you certainly want all the luggage allocation you can get when you're on a trip; so bringing your own umbrella is a damper as well.

On my last trip to Europe, I did bring a folding umbrella as we were moving around a lot and I wanted to have an umbrella handy for those days moving from city to city and in between checking into hotels. It wasn't very heavy, but I so regretted bringing this with me. When you're maxing out your luggage in every sense -- weight and size -- then every little bit counts.

So Rainraps is perfect for me.

It arrived this morning, and I'm pretty sure that it will be very handy going forward, and especially when I leave office today and head out back into the rains. Keep dry and safe, everyone.



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