Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Tao Drums tomorrow night and South Africa in a few months

Tonight, in this city that never sleeps, I was supposed to go to an exhibit opening organized by the Ambassador of Spain and then a piano concert at the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP).

However at 6 PM, there I was in the office and the seatplan for tomorrow night's TRAVELIFE Drum Tao Night gala performance still had to be done -- that's over 470 seats to allocate with lots of thought and planning, just for Travelife guests alone.

So I reluctantly decided to just stay in the office and do the initial run-through, to ensure that we don't run out of time tomorrow. Meanwhile, I also checked on our Travelife Tao drummers, and apparently they had literally drummed all day to get prepped and ready for the big gala night tomorrow.

They're very excited to be in Manila for the first time, by the way, and last night I told them just how many of my friends and acquaintances were so looking forward to being blown away by their performance. It's that kind of a show. It draws you in and you won't know what hit you.


If you haven't booked your tickets yet, please make sure you do so. This is a world-class performance that you usually have to actually fly to Tokyo, Sydney, London or New York for. But for one time only, from July 12 to 22, Travelife Magazine and its wonderful partner Establish Events have brought over the entire Tao drum troupe from Southern Japan for a series of very special performances.

I said it at the press conference last night and I'll say it again tonight: We all live in the practical and everyday world. But for one evening between July 12 and 22, you can actually experience the amazing and extraordinary. Get out of your comfort zone. See something completely original. Enjoy a simply wonderful performance by some of the most energetic and yet focused young people I have met in a very long time.

See you there.


In the meantime, today was a pretty nice day in the whole scheme of things. Our excellent Travelife team worked hard at the office on both the next issue and our Travelife Drum Tao Nights -- no one can work long at Travelife if they don't work hard, by the way.

Then in the afternoon, I had a meeting with someone pretty connected to everything in this city, who just might be my guardian angel soon. I hadn't eaten all day and he wanted to meet at La Cibeles in Greenbelt 1, so as a combined breakfast and lunch I ended up having churros and hot chocolate mid-afternoon.

But he lifted a pretty big burden off my shoulders, and he's the second person to do so. I'm very lucky to have my good friends and my super hardworking Travelife team.


Luck smiled on me again, as well, with some good news on my upcoming trip to South Africa in November. A friend of mine is coming along, perhaps as a bodyguard against the lions and the tigers while we're on a safari.

He sent me a wishlist for the trip but he's basically letting me plan everything -- we are Travelife, after all, so no one plans a trip better than us -- so I have free hand to do whatever I want.

Fortunately for him, his wishlist is almost identical to mine so we're having no arguments so far on what to do and where to go. He's just tagging along because he wants to see South Africa and cross a couple more things off his continuously narrowing Life Bucket List.

When I got the update on our South Africa plans, I sent him a BBM: "This is going to be a best of breed trip. You are so lucky. Lots of people would kill to be in your shoes."

Never one to miss a beat, he replied: "Is my life in danger?"

I replied: "It will be, when people find out what a fabulous trip to South Africa this is going to be." If you read this blog, you know we at Travelife do pretty fabulous trips all the time. But South Africa is definitely going to rank right up there with some of the best trips I've ever done.

It's made up of all the hotels I've ever wanted to stay in, all the places I've ever wanted to see, and all the restaurants I've wanted to dine in, in South Africa. Talk about a very personal Travelife trip.

Just another day in my never-ending, and never-endingly eventful Travelife. Hope to see many of you at the Travelife Tao Drum Gala Night tomorrow evening. The orchestra is very full, but I understand that there are still some balcony seats available if you'd like to be among the first in Manila to see this truly amazing show.


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