Thursday, July 12, 2012

Read the Gala Night Reviews of TRAVELIFE Drum Tao Nights

We hosted the gala night for TRAVELIFE Drum Tao Nights yesterday, and it was basically a full house for 1500 people. We had the ambassadors and honorary consuls from over 35 countries, which was quite a coup considering Manila was packed with events last night.

Even I got invites to two other events for last night. But so many people chose TRAVELIFE Drum Tao Nights over everything else -- or else they left the first parties earlier to make it to Travelife.

One of the ambassadors and his wives went to one party, left it to attend the entire Travelife event, and then returned to their party at 11 PM.  Another ambassador's wife left her husband to entertain guests at home while she attended the Travelife Tao Drum Gala Night.


One of the big parties last night was actually hosted by a friend of mine as well. Of course I couldn't make it. But several ambassadors and even my La Salle friend M, who took me for a quickie dinner last night before the show, were actually at that party. When M saw one the ambassadors heading out of Party 1 early, he said to the ambassador: "Ambassador, you wouldn't happen to be going to the Travelife event would you?"

The ambassador was very surprised. He said: "Yes. How did you know?"

M said: "Because that's where I'm going too. So I'm heading out of this party early as well."

Well, M sat next to me in the same row as many of the ambassadors he'd been doing cocktails with earlier, and they'd all had a laugh about how they'd seen each other twice in the same evening. But, of course, this is Manila. Three events a night and mostly the same people. What else is new?


I've already written about how I've probably used the word "amazing" about a thousand times to describe this show -- and last night, I think most people completely agreed with me.

Last night, almost all the ambassadors and senior diplomats from over 35 countries said they were simply overwhelmed by the show. One of the ambassadors' wives even came in a wheelchair just to watch the show.

She told me: "I wouldn't miss this for anything." And at the end of the show, she told me again, echoing my own words: "It was simply amazing."


And today we're being overwhelmed by the comments on Facebook, Twitter, emails and text on TRAVELIFE Drum Tao Nights, based on the gala performance last night. Some of them are from people I know, but many are from people I've never met who were just overwhelmed by the show.

Please don't miss this truly spectacular show because it probably won't come to Manila again. 9 more nights to go and you can check out tickets at

You're probably tired of reading my praises about TRAVELIFE Drum Tao Nights. You know us, I hope. When we believe in something, we put all our heart and soul on the line. Well, for a change, let me get other people to do the talking, and then you can decide for yourself. And please get to those tickets at Ticketworld before they run out.


"Thank you TRAVELIFE for bringing for bringing DrumTao here. 
"Enjoyed" is an understatement to what we all felt.
Everyone should see the show."
- via Twitter by ECM

"TRAVELIFE Drum Tao Gala Night
was one of the best nights out I've had in a long time.
A real triumph. I felt honoured to be included."
- Text of an ambassador of a major country

"I seriously cannot get over the TAO drummers. 
Thank you TRAVELIFE MAGAZINE for bringing them to Manila. 
It was amazing, heart pounding, funny, engaging, heart-stopping! 
I've never been as engaged in any live show as I was last night."
- via FB by KMS 

"It was truly an awesome multisensory entertainment! 
Thanks Travelife! :) really enjoyed it."
- via FB by JMR

"I am currently stark raving madly in love with Drum Tao!
EVERYONE should watch it. RUN. FLY! 
Best decision so far this year, I swear!" 
- via Twitter by KS 

- via FB by LBP 

We enjoyed the Travelife Tao Drum nights performance. 
Such energy, rhythm, colorful choreography! Highly recommended!"
- via FB by MR 

 "They're so good, we're going to see them again."
- via FB by KS 

"15-minute intermission! 
This show is SPECTACULAR. 
Asia really is home to the most amazing cultures in the world. 
Watch DRUM TAO, everyone!"
- via Twitter, during intermission, by AT

"DRUM TAO is an awesome show! 
I wanna run away with the "circus" & be a drummer! Don't miss it."
- via Twitter by PA 

"Drum Tao is really good and entertaining!!! 
Oh gosh! I wanna watch again!"
- via Twitter by AC 

"Drum Tao made 2 hours feel like 10 minutes."
- via Twitter by DA 

"DRUM TAO was life-changing."
- via Twitter by AT 

"Drum Tao! Everyone should watch it. 
OMG I have so many feelings towards this show."
- via Twitter by MM 

"Drum Tao was awesome. Talent overload!"
- via Twitter by NM 

"Looooong daaay finally over. 
Thank you Drum TAO for putting on a show like I've never seen before. 
Master entertainers!"
- via Twitter by MA 

"Drum Tao was fantastic! 
Wonderful taste of Japanese culture. 
Lots of fun, beautiful music, and a great audience."
- via Twitter by NM 

"Drum Tao: The Art of Drum Tour is spectacular!"
- via Twitter by CP 

 "Drum Tao was phenomenal! Life changing ba. Panuodin ko ulit."
- via Twitter by CE 

I suggest you go and see it."
- via Twitter by WJ 

"Watched Drum Tao earlier. 
Artistic and entertaining! 
It surpassed my expectations. Really good show! :)"
- via Twitter by IR 

"Drum Tao is a fascinating sensory journey that will definitely entertain! 
Congratulations to @TravelifeMag for a successful show! Bravo!"
- via Twitter by FDL 

"Drum Tao is a must see. 
An intense, exhilarating and multi sensory show. 
Totally worth it!!"
- via Twitter by EG 

"Drum Tao Nights Gala performance was awesome!!! 
OMGosh, those Japanese drummers and performers! 
Truly a 'multi-sensory' show!"
- via Twitter by GY

Thanks to the Travelife Team."
- via email from SE

"Congratulations Travelife for the great gala night."
- via Twitter by RGA

"I'd watch it over and over."
- via FB by LB

"Terrific show. Sooooo good."
- via FB by RF

"Travelife, thank you for bringing DrumTao to Manila! 
Great show! Sensory overload! Worth watching again."
- via Twitter by JDC

  "Super wonderful super amazing show!
Truly an awesome multisensory entertainment!!!
Thanks Travelife Mag!!!Cheers!!!"
- via FB by MR

"enjoyed #Travelife #DrumTao to the max last night!!!
 can i just say Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious?
 #amazed #impressed"
- via Twitter by B

"Thank you, Travelife. I loved everything about it.
It was a taste of Japanese culture.
 I loved the music, the dancing. It was beautiful."
- via Twitter by M


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