Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Feeding a flock of seagulls in Hokkaido

This morning we drove to the seashore to take a glass-bottomed boat around the coast of Hokkaido that enabled us to see the ocean floor and the thousands of sea urchins on the sea floor.

This part of Hokkaido is especially known for sea urchins, and no wonder. They were having a mammoth international conference on the floor of the sea just off the coast near the town of Otaru, which is well-known for its old neighborhoods of quaint storehouses.

Then the boat captain gave us pails upon pails of bread, and then he said: "You can feed the seagulls."

I looked around and couldn't find any, so I said: "What seagulls?"

Very far in the distance, I could see a couple of them resting on an island rock. But they were so far away that I didn't at all think these birds were what he meant. But what the heck, I told myself. So I flung a couple of pieces of bread out into the sea as he told me to do.

Wow. Within minutes, we had dozens and dozens of very smart seagulls swooping past us and trying to catch the pieces of bread we were flinging mid-air. Many of them were so successful. They must've been baseball catchers in a previous life, as they did acrobatics in the sky next to the boat and still managed to catch the pieces of bread that we threw out of the boat.

What fun it was to fling pieces of bread in the air and to have dozens of birds hovering around the boat. And talk about major stress relief. Everyone should have a chance to feed a flock of seagulls every once in a while.

Just another morning in a never-ending, and never-endingly eventful Travelife.


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